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Here’s the Latest News from MotoVentures Dirt First Motorcycle Training

Wow, What a Year!

Thanks for making 2016 so fun and memorable. We trained many people and in the process wore out many tires and clutch plates and bent many levers and handlebars.  Yes 2016 went by quickly, but that’s what happens when you’re busy having fun doing what you love to do.

It is a great feeling to know that we offer: A) the best way to learn to ride a motorcycle from the beginning and B) the best way to take your current riding to the next level. Of all the things to ensure a rider’s safe future, training is second only to wearing all the right protective riding gear.

For proof our Dirt First approach is really gaining attention as valuable training for street, dual sport, and adventure bike riders, while our trials bike riding approach has always been known as the best way to take your dirt riding to the next level. 

For 2017 we have some exciting changes that include improvements to our facilities, motorcycles, and training curriculums, just to name three. We have more bikes and riding gear that ever before and will continue to offer our services almost every weekend and often on weekdays too, all year around. As we shift up to a higher gear in 2017 and pick up more speed, please keep those customer referrals and great social media comments coming.

Gift Certificates Always Available

Tis the season to be giving gifts and for a motorcycle rider there is no more thoughtful gift than the gift of training. To purchase a gift certificate immediately just call our toll free number. The date of training can be determined later. Gift Certificates are available for any occasion all year around. Call or Email us today: (877) 260-6686 or

Great Gift Ideas from MotoVentures

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We currently offer the following products that make great gifts this time of year: Our MotoVentures Wheel art T-shirt, MV and Dirt First Caps and Gary’s book, “How To Ride Off-Road Motorcycles”. To order them please call us toll-free immediately at (877) 260-6686 or email us immediately at

Gary Writes for Motorcycle Consumer News

Motorcycle Consumer News (MCN) is a monthly magazine about new bike reviews, accessories, industry news, and motorcycle safety and training. MCN is a great source for unbiased journalism because they are supported solely by subscribers and take no money for advertising. MotoVentures President Gary LaPlante has been asked to write a monthly column in 2017 on the subject of dirt bike and dual sport riding. It is flattering to be given this opportunity to share our opinions, especially our Dirt First approach to motorcycle rider training. The first three issues will contain columns on the following subjects: January: Top ten reasons why riding dirt bikes will help street riders. February: The secret to riding big adventure bikes. March: The virtues of riding small dual sport bikes.  Please tell us what you would like Gary to write about in future issues. For more info go to:



Gary Teaches Total Control Street Instructors

Lee Parks is the author of several books and the owner of a successful street bike rider training business called Total Control.  Lee now utilizes over 400 instructors in the California Motorcycle Safety Program (CMSP) who teach his Total Control curriculum to individuals seeking a street riding license. Many of his instructors teach on military bases. Last September Lee held his second annual instructor training course at two locations; Prairie City OHV and Willow Springs Raceway.  Lee invited Gary to bring out his dirt bikes to give his instructors a chance to experience a little dirt riding.  Lee understands the value of dirt bike riding for street riders and encourages all his instructors and students to ride and train on a dirt bike. A tip of the helmet visor to Lee and his crew for their expertise and continued support for our Dirt First approach to motorcycle rider training. For more info go to:



2017 Training Calendar Announced

We continue to offer Level 1 & Level 2 training almost every week all year around, usually on weekends, but often on weekdays too. These dates are for everyone from kids to adults and street riders to dirt riders. We DO NOT post these training dates because we offer at least two training days every week.

We DO post training dates for special events and specific monthly schools like trials riding, Adventure Bike training, and our Wheelie. Jump, and Slide (WJS) schools. 

NOTE: If any date you want is not listed or if we appear to be booked with another service please ask us anyway, especially if you have two or more participants. Our dates may change as we continually try to accommodate our customers’ schedules.

2017 Kids 2-Day Summer Day Camp Dates:  July 18 & 19 and August 1 & 2                                                                           



2017 Trials Training 

If you want to try a trials bike you came to the right place. Once again for 2017 we will offer two dates each month that you can join us for trials riding. One will be a Friday and one will be a Sunday so you should be able to make at least one of them. We currently have seven trials bikes for you and your friends to ride and we’re always looking for newer models to buy and replace our older models. When we find one we’ll announce the sale of one of the trusty bikes that we are using now. If you’re looking for a new trials bikes we can hook you up with a Gas Gas dealer nearest you.

Our 2017 Trials Training Dates:

January 22, February 10 & 26, March 3, 19, 31, April 30, May 5 & 28. June 2 & 18, July 7 & 16, 

August 4 & 27, September 1 & 24, October 6 & 29, November 3 & 26, December 1 & 24

Our 2nd Annual Summer Trials Competition Series:

June 18, July 16, and August 27.

Other Noteworthy 2017 Trials Dates:

AHRMA Vintage Trials National on February 26 and the El Trial de Espana on April 22 & 23 at our place and the FIM Trials World Round on July 29 & 30 in Kingman, AZ… see you there.



2017 Adventure Bike Training Dates:

For 2017 we will be working with Southern California dealers to host dual sport and adventure bike weekend training dates that may be overnight affairs with camping and entertainment. Saturday will allow Adventure Bike riders to train on one of our friendly dirt bikes first then train on their big Adventure Bike on the second day – the perfect formula for learning how to ride Adventure Bikes. These events will feature dirt bike and specialized adventure bike training, suspension and computer clinics, free demo rides on the latest models, and more.

Our 2017 Adventure Bike Training Dates:

January 28 & 29, February 18 & 19, March 25 & 26, April 8 & 9, May 13 & 14, June 10 & 11,

July 22 & 23, August 19 & 20, September 16 & 17, October 21 & 22, November 11 & 12, December 9 & 10.



2017 Wheelie, Jump, and Slide (WJS) Training Dates Announced

In response to requests from our Level 2 graduates we will offer monthly schools in 2017 (usually on Fridays) just covering the key skills of Wheeling, Jumping, and Sliding. A minimum of six students will be required and we DO NOT provide the bikes, you must bring your own.

Cost is: $250.00

2017 WJS Training Dates:

January 27, February 24, March 17, April 14, May 12, June 16, July 14, August 11, September 8, October 27, November 10, December 15

NOTE: Stay tuned for upcoming Hero Clinic’s which will be taught by famous riders like Geoff Aaron, Cody Webb, and more.


Our Dirt First Training in Washington State

It has been one year since we trained and certified Jason Sherman and Whitney Koberle to teach our Dirt First Level 1 & 2 rider training courses. They are now re-certified and taking reservations for early 2017. They have an excellent location and all the bikes and gear if you need it. Go ride with them if you are in the area and take in their beautiful scenery and classic forest terrain. Call or email Jason and Whitney anytime at: (425) 503-8671 or

ATTN: Oregon Dirt Bike Riders: Go see Jason and Whitney in 2017 when we will officially become an authorized provider of dirt rider training for the State of Oregon.

Practice Days Continue in 2017

A Practice Day is only for our graduate students who have their own bike and who want to join us for more training on it within one year of taking our Level 2 course. The cost for a Practice Day is only $95. We created this option so our students have unlimited chances to practice (AKA: No Excuses!).  Only MotoVentures offers this incredible deal so take advantage of us and keep improving those skills.