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Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Once again, we have just had another spectacular year here at MotoVentures and we must thank everyone for supporting us, especially our loyal repeat customers and their valuable referrals. It is amazing to think that in just one more year (2020) we will be celebrating 20 years in this business full time. 

Tis the season… to ride your dirt bike! This time of year, the dirt is moist, the temps are cool, there’s no dust, and best of all, the traction is great. I hope you can take advantage of these conditions and go practicing often. Don’t have a dirt bike or want to sharpen your skills on your bike? You can always drive out and join us for a day or two and while you’re at it, bring friends. We’ll supply everything. We offer riding and training almost every weekend and often on weekdays too, all year around. 


MotoVentures Receives Friend of the AMA Award

Winchester, CA. — MotoVentures Inc., has just received the Friend of the AMA award by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA), America’s non-profit, member-based motorcycle enthusiast association with approximately 215,000 members whose mission is to promote the motorcycle lifestyle, and protect the future of motorcycling. 

The Friend of the AMA Award is presented annually to one or more in the motorcycle community, including clubs, companies, sponsors, and/or partners that have strongly supported the AMA mission and programs. 

MotoVentures was founded in 1998 in Southern California by motorcycle industry veteran and AMA Life Member Gary LaPlante with the goal of sharing his passion for riding and providing his expert knowledge about how to ride. 

The AMA recognizes that MotoVentures programs reach individuals of all ages, ranging from beginners to experts, and delivers training for trials, motocross, dual sport, and adventure riders. MotoVentures will receive a desk top award and letter from AMA President Rob Dingman at an event to be announced in the future.

“The staff at MotoVentures is thrilled that the AMA has chosen our company for the Friend of the AMA Award for our hard work over the past 19 years, teaching a wide variety of motorcycle riders, especially beginners, how to ride proficiently and safely. This award confirms that our services are good and valuable and we are achieving our goals of creating life-long motorcyclists.” Gary LaPlante, MotoVentures President.

MotoVentures services are made possible with the support of many motorcycle companies including Yamaha for dirt bikes, Gas Gas for trials bikes, BMW for adventure bikes, HJC helmets, TCX off-road boots, Dunlop tires, Fly riding gear, Torco Racing Oils, Pro-Tec Performance, Race Tech suspension, EVS protective wear, IMS gas tanks, Hebo trials helmets, and Sidi trials boots.

MotoVentures private, ideally-suited, centrally-located, 350-acre Rider Training Center in Southern California is open for business all year around. MotoVentures training includes Level 1 of beginners, Level 2 for most riders, Level 3 for advanced riders, specialized trials riding, and specialized adventure bike training, too. Participants can bring their own bike or MotoVentures can provide both the dirt bikes and a full set of riding gear. 


2018 Review, 2019 Preview

In 2018 MotoVentures hosted three different trials events; the 48th El Trial de Espana, a two-day SCTA regional trials competition, and an AHRMA Trials National. We hosted a Beta dealer meeting and press introduction, Yamaha R&D testing, numerous corporate groups, an AMA Endurocross Party, BLM Rangers, and Army Special Forces. We attended the State Motorcycle Safety Association meeting in Sacramento and Total Control Professional Development Workshops at Prairie City SVRA and Willow Springs Raceway, the AIME Trade Show in Las Vegas, the Adventure Bike Rally in Julian CA, and the classic Elsinore Gran Prix. 

For 2019 you can expect the same as above with the addition of Motocross training with Pro Racer Travis Preston, Hard Enduro training with Pro Racer Geoff Aaron, bi-annual Idyllwild 2-day dual sport tours, flat Track training, new camping options, more products for sale, how-to videos, our own dual sport rally in the Fall, and several new fun single-track trails. But the most important change we are making for 2019 is to enjoy life more with friends and have more fun with motorcycles!


Give the Gift of Training

It’s not too late, if you care about someone, in addition to giving them proper riding gear to wear the next most valuable gift you could give them to ensure their safety is training. The gift of training is great to give for any occasion. Just call or email us anytime. We have gift certificates ready to send you immediately. 

For additional gifts we also have our book; How to Ride Off-Road Motorcycles ($30) and our t-shirts and caps ($25ea.). Our book is available from or . Please contact us directly for shirts and caps: (877) 260-6686


Weekly Level 1 & 2 Training 

We offer Level 1 & Level 2 training courses almost every weekend and often on Weekdays too, all year around. We also host private training and corporate groups on weekdays. Of course, you can bring your own bike or we can supply an appropriately-sized Yamaha for you and we also have a full set of protective riding gear for everyone to wear. Level 1 is for absolute beginners, young and old, while Level 2 is for everyone who can ride a motorcycle including licensed street bike riders. Our Level 2 curriculum can accommodate relatively new riders and challenge very experienced riders, too. Our Level 3 curriculum focuses on Wheelies, Jumps, and Slides, and is available once a month on a Friday. 

Cost for Level 1: $185 your bike $255 our bike

Cost for Level 2: $255 your bike $355 our bike

Cost for Level 3: $275 your bike only


Hard Enduro Training with Geoff Aaron, Friday January 25, 2019

This is the second time we have offered Hard Enduro training by Geoff Aaron, 10X AMA National Trials Champion and currently ranked 5th in the AMA National Endurocross Series. For this training Geoff will be assisted by Andre LaPlante. Students must use their own bikes for this class, but as a bonus only available with MotoVentures, due to our connection with Gas Gas, 

we will be riding the latest XCs, EXCs, and TXT trials bikes with demo rides available to anyone interested.

This course is designed for Level 3 riders looking for the instruction and practice needed to take their Hard Enduro skills to the next level. In this 5-hour course Geoff will teach you how to properly position your body when standing, how to make tight turns by counterbalancing, how to make a technical wheelie and how to hop the rear tire too, how to ride over logs and earth mover tires, how to read terrain and select the best lines, and how to climb by using trials techniques like the Roll-Up, Double Blip, Zap, and Splatter.

This course will take place at MotoVentures 350-acre Rider Training Center. Participation is limited to just 20 riders and requires a reservation in advance. Reserve your place today.

Cost: $195 per person

Date: Friday January 25, 2019


Motocross Basic Training with Travis Preston, Saturday January 26, 2019

This is the first time MotoVentures is offering motocross specific training. This course will be taught by MX Pro Travis Preston, former factory racer, AMA Supercross race winner, AMA 125cc West National Champion and current test rider for Yamaha Motors responsible for developing their off-road and motocross bikes.

This 5-hour course is designed for new motocross riders with their own bikes who are looking to establish sound fundamentals so they can safely and proficiently ride on a motocross track. Travis and his assistant will teach you how to set up and adjust your suspension, how to properly position your body when sitting or standing, how to get the best starts and how to maximize your braking, how to ride a berm turn or flat turn, how to ride a rutted turn or rut filled straightaway, how to tackle various whoop sections, how to pick the best lines to ride, and how to jump singles and doubles.

This course will take place at the Cahuilla Creek Motocross track directly across Hwy 371 from MotoVentures Rider Training Center. Participation is limited to just 15 riders and requires a reservation in advance. Reserve your place today! 

Cost: $250 per person (includes track entrance fee).

Date: Saturday January 26, 2019


Monthly Trials Training

We currently offer trials training on one Friday and one Sunday each month. You can bring your own trials bike or we can provide one of our three 2018 Gas Gas Contact 250cc and 280cc trials bikes and we also have 2018 TXT80cc and TXT125cc trials bikes for kids to ride. 

Cost: $375 our trials bike $275 your trials bike

A day of trials riding with MotoVentures includes a rider’s meeting at the beginning then we ride a series of skill building exercises that includes counterbalance turns, wheelies, hops, and climbs that include the “roll-up” and the “double blip”. We’ll ride all day on our ideally-suited property that features many groomed sections from previous competitions that were held here. The trials bikes that we are currently using are Gas Gas’s new Contact model which feature electric start, a seat, a larger gas tank, and a very reasonable retail price of only $6,499. 

NOTE: Ride trials with MotoVentures and save $275 on the purchase of a new Gas Gas trials bike!

NOTE: Buy a new Gas Gas trials bike and ride it at MotoVentures for free!

Our used 2018 Gas Gas trials bikes are for sale now.

We are now selling our used trials bikes after just one year and replacing them with new models. Our used trials bikes can be reserved in advance. They all have hour meters and have been set up, broken in, and maintained properly. These great deals can be reserved in advance. If they are not already reserved, we will announce they are for sale in March. 

2019 Monthly Trials Training Dates:

January 11 & 27, February 8 & 17, March 1 & 24, April 12 & 28, May 3 & 19, June 7 & 23, July 5 & 21, August 2 & 25, September 6 & 22, October 4 & 27, November 1 & 24, December 6 & 22. 


Our Gas Gas Kids Trials Bikes

MotoVentures now has state-of-the-art Gas Gas trials bikes for kids to try trials after first learning to ride a dirt bike. We have a 2018 Gas Gas 80 Cadet and a 2018 Gas Gas 125 Racing with all the features of a full-size trials bike in a smaller package to fit kids roughly age 8 through age 16. These friendly little trials bikes are perfect for properly introducing new riders to trials and developing good keys skills right from the beginning. 

Suggested Retail Price for the TXT80 Cadet is $4,999

Suggested Retail Price for the TXT125 Racing is $7,499


New Sidi Trials Boots and Hebo Trials Helmets

We just replaced our old fleet of trials boots and helmets with new high-quality Sidi trials boots and Hebo trials helmets. Our students are welcome to borrow these two specialized pieces of essential trials riding gear. Our students are also welcome to purchase these two pieces of trials riding gear from MotoVentures before or after riding with us.

Suggested retail price for a Hebo Team Gas Gas Trials Helmets: $202 for Fiber, $274 for Carbon.

Suggested retail price for Sidi Zero .1 Trials Boots: $295


Weekly Adventure Bike Training

If you’re looking for the best way to learn how to ride a big adventure bike just follow MotoVentures Dirt First Formula; simply train for two consecutive days with us. The first day on a lightweight dirt bike and the second day on your big adventure bike. It is important to first ride a smaller, lighter bike that has few physical limits to allow you to develop the necessary skills. Next, it is important to practice those same skills on your big adventure bike so you know it’s limits. Afterward you must also employ good judgment when considering a road or trail to take. 

Cost: $255 your bike $355 our bike.


Monthly Wheelie, Jump, and Slide (WJS) Schools

We offer this course one time each month on Friday’s only.  We consider this Level 3 training and focus all day on wheelies, jumps, and slides and all variations thereof. We do not provide bikes for this class, you must bring your own. In this course we cover wheelies for a purpose (to traverse logs, rain ruts, ledges, etc.) and for showing off, too. We will practice single jumps on the track and on the trails. We will also practice slides to the right and left, first using the brakes (for turn entrances) and then by using power (for turn exits). 

Cost: $275

2019 Monthly WJS Dates: 

January 18, February 15, March 8, April 19, May 17, June 14, July 19, Aug 16, Sept 20, Oct 18, Nov 15, Dec 13. 


Idyllwild Ride is Back 

Idyllwild, CA., is a small artist town nestled in the cool pine trees of the San Bernardino mountains at approximately 6,000 ft. in elevation. We offered a dual sport ride there a few years ago, but stopped due to high demand for our training. Well it is now back by popular demand. It is the only tour we will offer this year. One will be in the spring (May 30 & 31) and one in the Fall (November 7 & 8). 

This is a dual sport/adventure bike tour with two routes, one easy and one hard. For this ride you must bring your own bike, but we will provide luggage transport for you. We will all stay overnight in a great hotel in Idyllwild, eating dinner and breakfast there too. Accommodations will be two people per room unless an individual room is requested. A sack lunch each day will be provided on the trail. We have limited space for this tour (only 15 riders) so to ensure your space please reserve in advance.

Cost: $395


MotoVentures to Host The 49th El Trial de Espana on April 13 & 14, 2019 

Mark your calendars and plan to attend. MotoVentures will also host the 50th annual ETDE on April 19, 2020, when we will also host two AMA national trials rounds on the Friday and Saturday before. “El Trial” is one of America’s oldest annual trials competitions where all the top riders vie for the prestigious silver Spanish sword trophy. This is a very spectator friendly event with sections near the pits. In 2018 Pat Smagge came out and showed everyone why he’s currently America’s top trials rider. He rode the entire day including the diabolical exhibition sections and did not get a single point. Simply amazing!


Dirt First in Washington State

If you live in the upper left corner of our country and want to get our training without coming down to SoCal, you’re in luck. We have trained and certified Jason and Whitney with Dirt Bike Safety Training to provide our Level 1 & Level 2 training at their site near Seattle. 2019 marks the fourth year that our training has been available in Washington State. Contact them at or by calling (425) 503-8671.


Our Comfortable New “Pits”

We have moved our training center “pit area” to a better location on the property that provides us with better sun shelter on hot days and from cold/rainy days and a nice shelter on windy/dusty days too. For our students we have a more comfortable dressing room, an outdoor and indoor classroom, a small store, and a refrigerator stocked with drinks and lunches. For our guests and spectators, we have a comfortable lounge area and easy viewing and for groups and corporate “team building” events, we have all the tables and chairs and a BBQ for a hot and meaty group lunch.


Camping Available at MotoVentures

For our customer’s convenience we now offer dry camping at MotoVentures Rider Training Center the night before your training day with reservations in advance. If your camping is self-contained, we have designated camp sites, a porta potty and water for washing hands, and we also have electricity for recharging your batteries.

Cost: $20 night


Gary’s Stories in Motorcycle Consumer News 

Motorcycle Consumer News is a subscription-based monthly magazine that is written primarily for street bike riders. For the past two years Gary has been writing a half page “how-to” story in each issue. It has been a great exercise for Gary to explain how riding in the dirt can benefit all riders. Below is a list of stories that Gary has written so far. If you want to learn more about any of these topics just send us an email to

Small Engine, Big Adventure.

The Secret to Riding Adventure Bikes in the Dirt.

How to Conquer Common Dirt Riding Skills Plateaus.

One Bike Does Not Fit All. How to adjust your body or alter your bike.

The Check List. Use it to ride safely and live safely too. 

Stand and Deliver. Riding standing up doesn’t have to be awkward.

Slide Job. Want to learn how to slide a motorcycle sideways? Use a dirt bike tool. 

Additional Control Devices. How to fully utilize your clutch, rear brake, and throttle.

It’s a Hill. Get Over It. Tips for successful hill climbing.

Body English. Move your body more and ride better. 

Let Nothing Surprise You. Motorcycle riders must have great visual habits. 

Braking Bad. How to develop good braking habits.

Line Selection. The critical art of tire placement.

Why Wheelie. For a purpose or just showing off?

Don’t Get Stuck in a Rut. Can you ride slowly down a straight and narrow path?

Good Speed. Learn to use the speed tool.

Traction Control. Tips to practice traction control.

Your Motorcycle Needs Your Help. You must apply the correct riding techniques every time.

Clutch Player. Your motorcycle’s clutch is an additional control device. 

Common Habits of Good Riders. These common habits work for both street and dirt riders.

Use It or Lose It. How to keep your riding skills fresh.

Knee Question. What to do with your knees when riding a motorcycle in the dirt.

Limit Testing Tool. How to use a dirt bike to experience performance limits.

The Discomfort Zone. Risk improving your riding skills, confidence, and abilities.

Fear No Downhill. Learn the key skills needed to conquer riding downhill on a motorcycle.

Throttle Control Tips. Improve your throttle control for more safety and performance.