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We’re Ridin’ in the Rain
People new to dirt biking often think rain and the cold that comes with it equals miserable conditions to ride in and it can be if you’re not prepared. When conditions are too cold, too wet, or too hot is not the best time for our students to learn to ride. With a little preparation however, rainy days can deliver the best riding ever. Rain brings good traction, no dust, and no sweat. We have the rain coats, you bring your thermal underwear, and with our comfortable new pit area we have a dry, warm, and comfortable place to relax between ridin’ in the rain.

Our general policy is we ride rain or shine and we will make a call to go or reschedule three days before the event. To decide we consult with and use the city of Anza, CA. for our location. We probably sound like whimps to folks living in Northern or Eastern states, but we will consider rescheduling when the chance of rain is 75% or greater, temperatures are 45 degrees or colder, when lightning strikes, or when it’s over 101 degrees in the summer. Too many times when we have rescheduled, the weather improved, and we wish we had kept the date. The next time it rains take a chance because fair weather riders miss out on some incredibly fun conditions that we don’t get often enough.






We Have Moved
We are still located on the same property, but we have moved our “pit area” within the property to a new location with better wind protection, less dust, and less rain run-off. In addition to this move we have added another storage container, improved dressing rooms, a water source for washing bikes and gear, and a mud-free gravel parking area. Eventually we will install additional shade and even electricity so we can run lights, heaters, coolers, etc. This is just part of our ongoing efforts to provide the best possible experience for our customers on and off the bike.







MV to Host 48th EL Trial de Espana on April 14 & 15, 2018
2018 Marks the 48th running of El Trial de Espana, the second oldest trials competition in America. This year’s El trial features an event highlight; a pro rider exhibition on five special sections located near the pits at 1pm on Saturday. These sections are designed by Geoff Aaron, 10X AMA National Trials Champion. With AMA National rounds in relatively nearby New Mexico and Colorado on the following two weekends, this year’s El Trial will feature many of America’s top trials riders. In two years, for the 50th El Trial, we will combine the event with two AMA Nationals for three straight days of National Championship Trials Competition. Join us on April 14 & 15, 2018 if you want to see the best riders in America ride nearly impossible terrain. For more information go to

Ride “El Trial” with Gary
For the first time Gary has offered to instruct and guide a group of riders who are new to trials during day two of this year’s El Trial de Espana competition. Sunday April 15 we will start at 8am with our usual riders meeting, then at 10am we will attend the competition riders meeting. We will proceed to practice our turns, wheelies, hops, and climbs. Then we will observe all classes ride marked sections and even ride a few marked sections too. We will cover the entire loop to observe all sections then return to the practice area for more instruction. For this unique experience space is limited so call and reserve your place today.
Cost is: $395 Using Our Trials Bike (we have four available) $275 Using Your Trials Bike






MotoVentures Monthly Trials Training
MotoVentures is proud to be Gas Gas’s Official Trials Training Center and why not. We have the perfect place to ride trials in sunny Southern California, all the late model Gas Gas trials bikes for both men, women, and children, all the specialized trials riding gear, and all the instruction you’ll need to get started or to take your riding to the next level. We’ll start with an informative rider’s meeting then ride to our practice area to practice a series of exercises that include tight turns, wheelies, hops, climbs, and combinations. We will also ride the many wonderful single-track trails from section to section all around our 350-acre trials riding paradise.

2018 Trials Training Dates:

June 17, 24, July 6,22, August 3,12,31, September 23, October 19,28, November 2,25, December 7, 16
We post two dates every month, but they often change so just call us anytime at (877) 260-6686

Get $275 Off a New Gas Gas Trials Bike Purchase and Free Training Afterward!
When you ride trials with us we’ll send you home with a coupon that is good for $275 off the purchase of a new Gas Gas trials bike (within one year). When you get that new trials bike you can bring it to us for a FREE DAY of training.









Our Gas Gas Fleet:
We currently have the following 2017 trials bikes for you to try: 250 and 280 Contacts, 300 GP, 125 School, and 125 Racing. In addition, we have a 2017 E12 electric kids dirt bike and a 2018 EC300 off-road bike too. We will also add a new Gas Gas 80cc trials bike as soon as they are available.








TXT125 Riding Impressions:
We now have two Gas Gas 125cc trials bikes in our fleet for customers to try and we hope to also have an 80cc trials bike soon for the kids to ride. One is a Racing model and one is a School model. Riding these super light perky 125 two-strokes is a real eye opener. They are perfect for lightweight children, teenagers, and women, yet there are still powerful enough for a full-size adult to enjoy. To ride one of our 125 trials bikes students must be approx. five feet tall or more and must be able to ride a dirt bike (shift gear, stand up, etc.).

Of course, to ride a 125 trials bike well you must be aggressive and that means revving the engine more. It is smooth and non-intimidating. Because of it’s modest power riders must spring with their legs and arms more to help the bike, which is a great habit to have when riding trials. Like we always say you will learn more and faster on a smaller bike. The Gas Gas 125 School is a great value that packs amazing performance for only $5,800 while the 125 Racing is a state of the art no excuses competition machine that retails for $7,699.








For Sale: Our 2017 Used Gas Gas Trials Bikes
The time has come to sell our fleet of 2017 Gas Gas trials bikes to make way for 2018 Gassers. Our fleet bikes are gently used and well maintained. All bikes have hour-meters with less than 30 hours on them. Best of all they are available at a price that can’t be beat! These bikes come with a day of FREE TRAINING (a $275 value). These bikes won’t be available until May 1, but you can place a deposit to reserve one now.

Two 2017 250 Contacts $4,200 ea. (retail is $5,999)
Two 2017 280 Contacts $4,200 ea. (retail is $5,999)
One 2017 125 Racing $5,100 (retail is $7,695)

Help Wanted:
MotoVentures is looking for a good instructor to teach our Level 1 and Level 2 classes every weekend and often on weekdays too. We are seeking someone with the skills and patience to teach everyone from beginner kids to intermediate adults. We can teach you our curriculum and would prefer someone with previous teaching experience and credentials. Candidate must have their own dirt bike, be willing to travel to our Rider Training Center near Anza, CA., and work on weekends. We offer competitive compensation and company perks that only an enthusiast would appreciate and only a company like MotoVentures could provide. If you are interested or know someone who would be call Gary anytime at (877) 260-6686 or send resume to






MotoVentures Dirt First Training for Street Instructors in CA and PA
In an effort to improve the riding skills of street bike riding instructors in California, MotoVentures has been hired to share our Dirt First training with California Motorcycle Safety Program (CMSP) instructors. 2018 marks our third-year teaching California Instructors and now it will be our first-year teaching Pennsylvania instructors too! That’s right Gary will be traveling to PA this summer to teach instructors there, too. During these two-day Professional Development Workshops every instructor gets a chance to ride a dirt bike in several skill-building exercises to experience first hand the value of training on a dirt bike.

The person behind his smart move to improve motorcycle rider training in America is Lee Parks, president and author of Total Control. Like all experts Lee recommends dirt bike training to everyone because he knows dirt is the best place to start riding and the best place to improve your riding. Lee truly practices what he preaches.

To support Lee’s efforts MotoVentures offers all CMSP, PMSP, and Total Control instructors training any day for 25% off. If you live in another state what is your state doing to provide better MC training? Tell them MotoVentures Dirt First approach is working in CA and likely to eventually spread to others states too.

Our Dirt First Training in Washington State
If you live in the Pacific Northwest or western Canada or anywhere for that matter you can get our Level 1 &2 training from Jason and Whitney who run out of their facility near Seattle, WA. Just like training with MotoVentures in SoCal, you can bring your own bike or use of theirs. They offer training for both kids and adults. With this winter’s weather winding down, they will be training almost every weekend so call and schedule ahead.
For more information go to or call (425) 503-8671.









Adventure Bike Training the MotoVentures Way
So, you want to learn how to ride that big adventure bike better? We have the formula for success you’re looking for: Train with us for a day or two on a smaller, friendlier, durable, dirt bike first, then train again soon after on your big adventure bike. You will learn more and faster on a smaller bike you won’t be afraid to crash and can pick up easily. A bike that has no physical limits to hold you back. Afterward when riding the bigger bike, riders must use good judgment and ride within your big bikes physical limits.

BMW gets it. That is why they have supported us by loaning a F800GSA. We use our GS to learn it’s limits so we can relate to riders of big adventure bikes. We offer our Level 2 training almost every weekend and often on weekdays too, plus we can always provide private instruction on weekdays.

Wheelie Jump and Slide (WJS) Schools, Finally!
This is our next level of training after Level 2. If you don’t possess our Level 2 skills first this class may be difficult for you. For our WJS School we concentrate on these specific skills and variations thereof. We offer WJS Schools at least one Friday each month. Do you know how to pop a wheelie? For a purpose AND to show off? Can you perform a rear brake slide to the right and left, sitting and standing? How about power sliding. Can you slide left and right, sitting and standing? How about jumps. Can you take a single and land rear tire every time? Can you jump a double? We will break every skill down to specific exercises to help you learn and practice on your own. Of course, we also have our book to purchase ($30) that will help you practice and perfect these new-found skills afterward,
Cost is $295 (This class is available using your bike only)

2018 WJS Dates:
April 20, May 18, June 15, July 20, Aug 17, Sept 14, Oct 26, Nov 16, Dec and 14.
Call today and reserve your place as space is limited to only 10 students.

Serving Hash Tags Not Hash Browns
Calm down Homer, it’s a hash tag and you can’t eat it! We are finally putting in more effort to keep our customers in the know on upcoming events, pictures, videos, how-to’s, etc. via social media. Please #Hashtag #motoventures and #dirtfirst to share pictures and videos. “Like Us” MotoVentures Dirt Bike Training, Tours, and Trials on Facebook & Follow us on Instagram @motoventuresdirtfirst. Join the club and thanks for caring and sharing.

Military Training by MotoVentures
MotoVentures training is approved by the US Marine Corp and Navy who require it from their enlisted personnel to be insured when riding off-duty. We also periodically train small teams of special forces soldiers who may use motorcycles while on duty. Active military personnel and their families can join us individually anytime for a substantial 15% discount. If you’re in the military and based in SoCal and you want to join us, assemble a group from your motorcycle club or Unit and check with your base safety office and unit commander. Funds are usually available for motorcycle safety programs like ours. You can expect to hear more about our military training because we have been contracted by the Marine Corp to provide Level 3 training periodically for approved groups for the next five years and beyond.









AMA Endurocross Series Rides at MotoVentures
Bonnier Corp., publishers of Dirt Rider and Cycle World magazines and also the owners of the AMA National Endurocross Racing Series asked MotoVentures to host a ride day for their competitors and sponsors and naturally we said YES. On February 12, 2018 we hosted 75 racers and sponsors who rode on two marked loops on our property with special test sections to challenge the Pros. Now if you ride one of our tough single-track trails don’t be surprised if it sends you up a rock wall! Just for fun Top Dog Cody Webb rode his KTM like a trials bike up and over some of the biggest rocks we have. Cody grew up riding trials with his father Kip and is now arguably the best off-road rider in the world!

2018 Endurocross Series Dates and Locations:
NOTE: If you can go early and meet the racers in the pits and watch them practice. The races are very entertaining with so much action it’s hard to keep up. For more info go to August 25 in Prescott, AZ, Sept 15 in Costa Mesa, Sept 22 in Reno, NV, Oct 20 in Denver, CO, Oct 27 in Everett, WA, and Nov 3 in Boise, ID.

“Traction Control” Gary’s Latest Column Story in Motorcycle Consumer News:
For many street and dual sport riders, traction control is merely a setting that can be selected to allow today’s sophisticated bikes to do the job for you. Computer controlled tire traction on a motorcycle can be a life saver in slippery situations. But what if your bike doesn’t have traction control and you must handle loss of traction the old-fashioned way; with a careful throttle, delicate weight shifting, and the correct gear selection. Many people ride without ever spinning their tires, while for many others it’s the reason they ride. Regardless of what kind of motorcycle rider you are you should be prepared for your tires to spin or slip at some point as they are your only two precious contacts between you and Mother Earth that are keeping your motorcycle shiny side up.

If you want traction control start with the correct set of fresh tires that are properly inflated. There is a tire made for almost every surface and some dual sport tires are made for almost any surface. Second, you must develop the ability to read the terrain you are riding on very carefully, always seeking traction zones to place your tires and no traction zones to avoid.

Tire traction is greatly influenced by your weight placement and weight shifting on the bike. Your body weight is a control element and often represents a good percentage of the overall weight. Correct placement can really help traction, while incorrect placement can really hurt it.

Traction can also be obtained, or not, but using your controls properly. This means the rider must develop the delicate feel for acceleration and deceleration through their hands and feet on the controls and their butt on the seat. Of course, you must use throttle control and front brake feel with your right hand, have the ability to slip the clutch with your left hand, gently apply the rear brake with your right foot, and use a higher gear to avoid wheel spin. Quoting 1967 World Trials Champion Sammy Miller; “Traction is obtained by rolling on or rolling off the throttle”, which of course is still true today.

There is an easy way to practice and develop your traction control and it’s by riding a light-weight dirt bike on firm dirt with a loose surface. There are four fun skill building exercises that you can do with a dirt bike: Extreme braking where you develop the front brake feel to operate on the verge of lock up where the real power is. Brake and power sliding are incredibly fun where you will learn quickly how to manage lean angles and throttle application. Lastly, drag races are won in the first 60 feet because one competitors’ tire hooked-up better than the other.

Manual traction control is still essential to riding motorcycles proficiently so be sure to include it when practicing. It is always better to experience loss of traction by choice than by surprise.

For more info go to Motorcycle Consumer News