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Heat? What Heat? Gary’s POV

It is summertime 2018 in sunny Southern California where we don our fully-vented riding gear, hydrate like Camels, start early, and then finish early so we can go swim and cool down afterward. Reminds me of growing up riding dirt bikes around Phoenix, AZ where we learned at an early age how to manage the heat. The good news is our training center is located in the mountains at 2,900 ft in elevation so it is cooler than the deserts and with our recent improvements by adding water, electricity, and more shade it is even more comfortable. Also, to beat the heat we’re starting at 8am and finishing at 1pm. We’ll switch to 9am start sometime in October. 

We have never had a better selection of trials bikes for our customers to ride with 2018 Gas Gas’s for both adults and kids and we are now offering a Wheelie, Jump, and Slide (WJS) school at least once a month. In addition, we are also planning to offer flat track and Endurocross training as soon as our tracks are complete.

Our customers have a lot of options for accommodations when joining us that includes dry camping, staying at a local campground, or a nice hotel just 30 minutes away. Adventure bike riders can now improve their riding skills and practice their camping skills with MotoVentures.

Thanks again to our customers who vary widely from beginner kids to a team of Army Special Forces to CMSP-Certified street bike instructors to Yamaha R&D using our property to develop their off-road bikes. Yes, it is a little warm these days, but we are able to manage it and still have fun learning new skills. Don’t let a little warm weather keep you from riding your motorcycle.


Major Training Center Improvements

In ongoing efforts to constantly improve our customer’s experience, we have moved our pits to a location that is more shaded, secluded, and less windy. We have expanded the size of our pits to feature a more comfortable customer hospitality area for an outdoor classroom and for changing into riding gear. We have water now for washing hands and faces, for laundering riding gear, and for washing bikes, and we also have power now for lights, heaters in the winter, and air conditioning in the summer. We now have a coffee maker, micro wave oven, refrigerator, washer, dryer, videos, cell phone chargers, air compressor, etc. Future improvements will include outdoor showers, a small store, permanent shade canopies, individual camp sites and a common gathering area for campers. MotoVentures has certainly come a long way from the days when we operated out of a remote rented cabin and tiny a garage. 

Our Family of Gas Gas Trials Bikes

MotoVentures is Gas Gas’s Official Training Center so you can always expect to ride their latest models when you’re here. We have 2018 Contact 250s (Suggested Retail Price $6,399) and 280s (SRP $6,499) and the incredibly powerful 250GP (SRP: $7,899) models and with the addition of the new 80cc (SRP $4,999) and 125cc (SRP $7,699) trials bikes, we now have almost every new Gas Gas Trials bike available for our customers to ride and we offer trials riding at least twice every month.

Gas Gas Contact Riding Impressions

The 2018 Gas Gas 250cc and 280cc Contact model trials bikes sport some unique features that make them even more fun and a great value too. Basically, the Contact performs like a good recreational trials bike AND like a trail bike too because it features a seat so you can relax on the roads and a larger gas tank so you can explore more miles without worry. It also features a good headlight and speedometer/odometer, but the feature we like the most is the electric starting! No more hacking away at the kick starter, which is still there as a backup. This bike is really fun to ride and unless you ride a competition model you wouldn’t notice it is heavier, especially if you are used to only riding a dirt bike. 

Save $275 and Get Free Trials Training

Gas Gas and MotoVentures have a special offer that can’t be beat: Ride trials with MotoVentures first and take home a coupon for $275-off the purchase of a new Gas Gas trials bike. Once purchased you can receive free training on it at MotoVentures (another $275 value).






Wheelie, Jump, and Slide School Every Month

MV is offering one Friday each month where our customers with their own bikes can learn and practice their wheelies, jumps and slides (WJS). Want the next level? You found it. In this class we spend the whole day learning how to wheelie for a purpose and for just showin’ off, too. We learn how to brake slide into turns and power slide out of them, both in the sitting and standing positions. Then we learn how to jump confidently and safely. Of course, we break down every exercise into a step-by-step process to help you experience these Level 3 skills. Afterward you will know what to practice and with the help of our book to reference, you can continue to practice and eventually master these exciting motorcycle riding skills on your own.

2018 WJS dates include: September 14, October 26, November 9 and December 14. 

Flat Track and Endurocross Course Update

Get ready… Now that we have a tractor and a water source it is only natural for us to grade a small flat track for some learnin’, racin’, and just having fun sliding around on. Stay tuned because the plan is to utilize our little TTR125s to perfect our sliding skills. Sliding sideways under power is one of the most fun things you can do with a motorcycle and we have a step-by-step curriculum to help you learn to slide. This class is fun for everyone, but especially for street riders and performance-oriented riders like road racers. 

For you sick extreme off-road, Endurocross, and trials riders we are gradually building an Endurocross practice track just like one in the AMA National Endurocross Series… because we have the blueprints!  To do this we will need more obstacles. If you have too many of the following obstacles and would like to donate them to a good cause please call us: large rocks, wood chunks, sand, poles, earthmover tires, cement blocks, etc. 


Our Formula for Adventure Bike Rider Training 

For Adventure Bike riders we offer Level 2 classes almost every weekend and on select weekdays too if needed. For most new adventure bike riders without dirt bike backgrounds and experience we highly recommend that they ride one of our lightweight dirt bikes on Saturday or Day 1 then ride their adventure bike on Sunday or Day 2. This way they can learn all the skills without the physical limitations of a big Adventure Bike holding them back. Then on Day 2 they can learn the limits of their big Adventure Bike. 


Local Campgrounds, Hot Springs, and Indian Casinos

MotoVentures Training Center is located in the center of Southern California and surrounded by many noteworthy attractions like the hot springs located just a few miles down state Hwy 371 from us where our customers can stay the night before or stop by afterward to soak in their cool or hot springs. Other noteworthy nearby attractions include the Pachanga Indian Casino in Temecula and the nearby Cahuilla Indian Casino with a convenience store, restaurant, and gas station just two miles away where you can gamble, drink, and dine there and camp with us at night! We also have several nice lakes near us where you can also camp including Vail Lake, Hemet Lake, and Lake Skinner. We will eventually have a complete list of things to do and places to go that are located around us that will be posted on our website, there are too many things to list here.  

Camp MotoVentures

Dry camping is available to our customers the night before and after training on select dates with reservations in advance. Cost is only $10 per vehicle. In the future we plan to offer Train and Camps, where our dual sport and adventure bike customers can learn to ride and learn how to camp too with meals, how to clinics, and entertainment included.


We Train U.S. Special Forces

Periodically we get the opportunity to train small groups of our country’s elite soldiers. It is always a pleasure working with them because they take training very seriously and constantly train and practice every skill they must have… and they have a lot of skills. Of course, their physical fitness is not an issue and they are able to pick up new skills quickly. We can take one of these capable men and teach them riding skills that might take a normal person several months to learn and do. They are fearless and willing to engage in any dangerous and challenging activity and seek the best training they can find to master it. As with all or our enlisted military personnel, we are grateful for their service and honored to be selected to share our expertise with them.






Yamaha R&D Tests at MotoVentures

2018 marks the third year that Yamaha Motor Corp., Research & Development Department has rented MotoVentures private 350-acre Rider Training Center to test and develop their new WR and WR-X off-road models. They like the variety of our terrain and have created a five-mile loop that they use every year as a baseline for making comparisons. We are honored Yamaha has chosen MotoVentures property to test their bikes. We recently showed the team of Yamaha Engineers our fleet of used Yamaha’s and thanked them for making such durable, reliable and great running bikes. They posed for this photo and gave me an exclusive sneak-peak at the future WRs, but they still won’t let me take any photos of them!

MotoVentures Washington State Training Partners

If you live in the Pacific Northwest and want to get our training it is now available at a location near Seattle. Contact our partners Jason and Whitney who are trained and certified by us to teach MotoVentures Level 1 & 2 training curriculums. They have all the bikes and riding gear and offer our training almost every weekend. For more information go to or call them at (425) 503-8671 and set up an appointment with them today. 

Street Instructors Cross-Train on Dirt Bikes

MotoVentures is a pioneer in providing a riding curriculum using dirt bikes that is designed to improve the skills of street bike and dual sport riders. Currently all approx. 400 California Motorcyclist Safety Program (CMSP) instructors are required by Lee Parks Total Control Training to get at least some dirt bike training from MotoVentures every year and beginning this year instructors in the state of Pennsylvania will be required to get our training too. If you’re a street motorcycle instructor you should be constantly improving your riding skills and there is no better cross-training tool than a dirt bike.  To encourage street bike riding instructors to cross-train with us we are offering a 50% annual discount to all street instructors to take our Level 2 class using one of our dirt bikes (a savings of $178!)

Story from Gary’s Monthly Column in Motorcycle Consumer News

Common Habits of Good Riders, by Gary LaPlante

These common habits work for both street and dirt motorcycle riders

What’s makes someone a good motorcycle rider? Are they accident free? Are they simply better than their riding friends? Did they win a competition? What does a “good rider” do that you want to do? One interesting fact is that street bike riders with dirt bike riding backgrounds generally are less likely to be involved in a street bike riding accident than riders with street only experience. Is it because dirt riding is harder, but dirt bikes are smaller and easier to control? Is it because of the wide variety of terrain challenges found in the dirt? Maybe it is because all the good riders I know follow the same basic common habits and approach to riding, and maybe you should too. 

To begin with good riders embrace training, mentoring, and coaching, which often started for them with learning to ride a dirt bike at a young age. Even if they never received training at any age, dirt bikes are still the friendliest bikes to help develop your skills and the dirt environment is still the safest place, too. These days, just like street bike training, there is professional dirt bike training available that will also help street bike and dual sport riders to not only develop good riding skills, but also keep those skills fresh. 

Good riders always wear a full set of appropriate riding gear. With so much good protective gear available today there is no excuse for not wearing it. A good motorcycle rider’s motto is and always should be, “dress for the crash”. Dirt riders know this because crashing is more common in the dirt and riders learn to pad-up at an early age. Good riders, dirt or street, take the time to wear all the right gear every time.

Good riders maintain and prepare their bikes to eliminate any mechanical cause for crashing or becoming stranded. They make sure their tires are fairly fresh and properly inflated every time they ride and they adjust all their controls properly to make sure they function correctly. Good riders like reliable equipment that delivers consistently good performance. 

Good riders have good mental and visual habits. When riding they follow our famous check list of 1) good terrain reading, 2) good line selection, and 3) good technique execution. They also have very good visual habits and never let anything surprise them.  

Perhaps most importantly, good riders employ good judgment that has been developed by riding in the dirt first, at moderate speeds, often beginning at a young age. High speeds and bad judgment are key factors in most motorcycle accidents and there is no place better to develop good motorcycle riding judgment than in the friendly dirt world. 

All riders should follow these basic good riding habits and, if not doing so already, should also take the time to cross-train and keep their skills sharp by riding and practicing on a dirt bike occasionally.