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Fox Racing recently came out with their employees from all over the world. We hosted about 60 people for 3 days. Here is a brief video of one of the days.


Riding Paradise Upgrades:

MotoVentures private 350-acre Rider Training Center will receive a few upgrades soon to allow us to offer more training services, accommodate more corporate groups, and host more of our own events. We will also create practice tracks for Endurocross and flat track, and we will host more annual events including our own Adventure Bike rally and Mountain Bike race in the fall!

Our own little riding paradise here in sunny SoCal is conveniently-located and features relatively cool weather in the summer and moderate weather in the winter. It is ideally-suited with soil that offers great traction when dry and incredible traction when wet. We have a motocross track, miles of single-track trails, and countless trials sections. We have a sand wash and a hill climb and we even have water crossings with all the rain we have had this winter. Once you’ve ridden here you’ll see just how great it really is and how hard it will be to find a better place to ride dirt bikes…. and it’s only going to get better!

Look what all our southern California rain has done to our sand wash!! Awesome.

Look what all our southern California rain has done to our sand wash!! Awesome.


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Gas Gas kids bike

Gas Gas kids bike

MotoVentures New Gas Gas West Coast Training Center!

MotoVentures’ trials training is now endorsed by Gas Gas USA, the world leader in trials bike design and sales. MotoVentures is now Gas Gas’s Official West Coast Training Center and of course Gas Gas trials bikes are now the official trials bike of MotoVentures. Our fleet will now feature the following 2017 models; TXT125 and TXT 280 Racing, TXT300 GP, Electric Kids trials bike, and the new TXT250 and 280 Contacts.

MotoVentures will now have the very latest models that Gas Gas offers every year for free test rides arranged through a Gas Gas dealer. In addition Gas Gas dealers are so excited about our partnership they will be offering a free day of training with us with the purchase of a new Gas Gas trials bike from them. Now is the time to buy that new Gas Gas trials bike you have been wanting and join us for a fun day learning how to ride it in an ideal trials riding environment.

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New Dunlop Tires for Our Yamaha’s!

We just got another batch of fresh Dunlop Geomax MX52 Intermediate front and rear tires (at 12 to 15 psi) to use on our training bikes. We go through about two rear tires for every one front tire. Our old Dunlop’s aren’t that worn out and we would get even more mileage out of them if we were the only person riding the bikes. But we want our customers to experience the best traction and handling so they can concentrate on learning, developing their skills, and having a good time.

Over a lifetime of riding motorcycles we have tested and raced on most brands of motorcycle tires and consistently Dunlop’s have provided us with the traction and confidence-inspiring consistency we’re looking for. The next time you need new tires we recommend that you try a fresh set of Dunlop’s and ride-on with confidence.

El Trial de Espana 2011

El Trial de Espana 2011

1975 Bultaco Sherpa-T

1975 Bultaco Sherpa-T at AHRMA Trials National

MotoVentures to Host 47th Annual El Trial de Espana

On April 22 & 23, 2017 the 47th Annual El Trial de Espana will take place at MotoVentures’ Rider Training Center near Anza CA.  El Trial de Espana is the second oldest continuously run annual trial competition in America and the largest and most prestigious non-national event that if often held in conjunction with an AMA National. Mark your calendars because “El Trial” will now be held at MotoVentures every year.

The El Trial de Espana was started in 1970 by Fred Belair because of his love for the sport and desire to see it grow in America. In the early years Fred invited factory sponsored world trials champions from Europe to show the Americans how to ride trials. From that period emerged America’s only World Trials Champion in 1979, Bernie Schreiber. The event then became a fundraiser for a team of top American trials riders to compete in the annual Trial Des Nations competition, the Olympics of trials.  Today this traditional event is organized by Fred’s son Martin Belair, Trials Team Manager for Montesa.

El Trial is the final round of the 2016/1017 Southern California Trials Association (SCTA) Championship season (go to This spring classic follows a standard format every year: All competition classes compete on Saturday with three loops on 10 sections then all classes ride again on two loops of all new sections. There will be classes and awards for kids and a special class for the press. Then it’s time for everyone to spectate as the best trials riders in America compete on several tough sections near the pits. The Pro-Shootout is the hallmark of the event and this year it features tough sections designed by former national trials champion Geoff Aaron. Because of Geoff’s direct involvement in this year’s event many of the top 10 Pro Trials riders in America will attend. Spectators will line these sections so close they could touch the competitors as they ride up and over seemingly impossible to ride natural obstacles. At the end of the day the winner is awarded a stunningly-beautiful Spanish Sword as a perpetual trophy with all the previous winners names on it. No matter what you’re doing on April 23rd it couldn’t be better than this. See you there.


Monthly Trials Training and Summertime Trials Competition

We currently have six great trials bikes for you to ride and we’re offering at least two dates every month, usually on Fridays and a Sundays, for trials training. If you ride a dirt bike now and haven’t tried trials yet we offer a great opportunity to realize the fun and skill building benefits of the sport. We have the perfect place to ride trials, all the bikes, and all the riding gear too. 2017 trials training dates include April 7 & 13, May 5 & 28, June 2 & 18, July 7 & 16, Aug 4 & 27, Sept 1 & 27, Oct 6 & 29, Nov 3 & 26, and Dec 1 & 24.

Monthly Wheelie, Jump, and Slide Schools

If you want to learn and practice how to wheelie, jump, and slide your dirt or dual sport bike we’ve got a class for you on a Friday every month and the perfect terrain to do it on. In this class we make sure you have the sound fundamental skills needed for popping a wheelie for fun and for a purpose, for basic jumping, and for brake or power sliding. 2017 dates are April 14, May 12, June 16, July 14, Aug 11, Sept 8, Oct 27, Nov 10, and Dec 15. Cost is $275 using your own bike.

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IMG_0044 copy

Monthly Adventure Bike Training at MotoVentures

Attention adventure bike (AB) riders. We offer this simple formula for successfully riding those big bikes: First, if you haven’t already done so, join us for a day of Level 2 training on one of our friendly lightweight, crash-able dirt bikes. Second, join us immediately afterward for a day of training on your adventure bike so you can experience what it can, and can’t do, in a friendly environment rather than in the middle of nowhere. Then it’s a matter of continuing to practice on your own (with the help of our book; How to Ride Off-Road Motorcycles) and developing the good judgment needed to understand and stay within your big bike’s physical limits of traction, ground clearance, and sheer weight. We are posting at least one date every month where we bring in AB riding specialist Jeff Irvin to instruct you. 2017 dates include May 13 & 14, June 10 & 11, July 22 & 23, August 19 & 20, September 16 & 17, November 11 & 12, December 2 & 3.

Corporate group from Red Bull Training at MotoVentures

Corporate group from Red Bull Training at MotoVentures

Corporate Group Rides with MotoVentures

We have been offering corporate group team building events for many years. Below is a list of some companies we have hosted. See any you recognize? See your company there? Why not? We could host a corporate riding event for your company that will set a new high standard for fun and productive off-site events and meetings. Give us a call for a quote (877) 260-6686.

Yamaha Motor Corp., Kawasaki Motors Corp., USA. Suzuki, Indian Motorcycles, Gas Gas USA, Ehlert Publishing Co., Lotus Tours, HJC America, Bio Rad Corp., Lockhart Phillips USA, Helmet House Inc., Mid America Business Forms, Med Legal Inc., Jeffery Goldberg & Associates, Wet Okole, Tri Logic Inc.,, G-Force Marketing, Auto Electric International, Cycle Gear, FWF Steel, Matrix Consultants, Deloitte & Touche, Pomona Wholesale, Kavich Reynolds Productions, California Superbike School, Desert Electric Supply, Magura USA, Cycle World Magazine, DealerNews Magazine, Honda Research of North America, SoCal Motorcycles, BMW of Escondido, BMW of Long Beach, BMW of Murrieta,, Street Masters, JC Resorts Inc., YouTube Road Kill Show, Discovery Channel Daily Planet show, Fuel TV Dew Tour,, Mattel, Hot Wheels, Cycle News, Dirt Rider, Total Control, Red Bull, and Fox Racing.

MotoVentures to Host Adventure Bike Rally and Mountain Bike Races this Fall

Mark your calendars for two fun weekends this fall; Nov 18 & 19 and Dec 2 & 3. On the first weekend, November 18 & 19 we will host an all new annual cross country mountain bike race already named the “SoCal Tough Nut” by famous race course designer and promoter Jason Ranoa. Races will include a technical five mile cross country loop and run time trial style, a big jump contest, a bicycle trials (naturally), and a GPS based big loop endurance race.

On the second weekend, December 2 & 3, we will host an all new annual adventure bike dual sport rally yet to be named. This event will feature adventure bike training, our Level 1 & Level 2 training, trials training, trials demo rides, and Pro trials demonstrations. We will have a challenging course competition for all dual sport bikes and self-guided tours of the wonderful dirt backroads that surround our facility. Of course both events will feature camping, entertainment, product vendors, instructional clinics, guest speakers, food and drink concessions, and more. For more information call (877) 260-6686 or email us at

U.S. Marine Corp., Trusts MotoVentures Training

The US Marine Corp., knows their enlisted men and women who ride motorcycle off-duty need training and they endorse MotoVentures/Dirt First Training.  If you are in the Marine Corps our Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 training satisfies their requirements so it’s a no brainer to come train with us. Of course we offer discounts to individual military personnel and we also offer group rates for motorcycle riding clubs within Units. To get training from us just ask your on base motorcycle safety officer and check with your Unit Commander. We have been training military personnel for over six years from the following SoCal military bases; Camp Pendleton, Miramar, Yuma, Barstow, 29-Palms, and March AFB.

Riding Tip: How to Conquer Common Dirt Riding Skills Plateaus

A story written by Gary LaPlante for Motorcycle Consumer News

The ability to ride a dirt bike proficiently requires learning how to turn while riding standing up and how to maximize the front brake’s incredible stopping power. If you haven’t mastered these two key skills your dirt riding capabilities will plateau or stop improving. You will be fundamentally deficient and have limits to where you can ride or how fast you can ride. The solution is to get professional training and practice perfectly and repeatedly on a dirt bike until your brain is programed correctly, your judgment is spot on, and your control feel is delicate. There is no better training tool than a dirt bike for overcoming motorcycle riding skills plateaus.

One skills plateau occurs when riders fail to shift their bodies from side to side when turning while standing up. This deficiency rears its ugly head in low speed, tight trail turns and in mid speed turns like on sand washes, hill climbs, single track trails, and downhill rain ruts. The problem that riders have is they don’t know how to counter-balance and are dependent on either turning the handlebars or sliding the bike sideways to turn instead of simply leaning it. The solution for low speed tight turns is to practice counter-balancing or shifting your hips opposite the bike’s lean to keep your balance and not fall over. The solution for mid-speed turns is to practice riding in third gear through a five-cone slalom, down a sand wash, up a hill climb, or in first gear down a long six inch wide board. Ride standing up, but instead of turning the handlebars simply lean the bike, each time shifting your hips in the other direction, ultimately steering the bike by leaning it with your legs and foot peg pressure.

Another skills plateau comes when riders improperly use the front brake. You will notice this deficiency in the dirt on steep down hills or on the street when a car suddenly pulls out in front of you. The problem is many riders haven’t practiced emergency braking, are using the brakes incorrectly, or avoid using the front brake at all! These riders fear steep down hills and are ill-prepared for street riding where lack of this skill can be highly consequential. Motorcycle riders must be able to confidently use the front brake at the threshold of lock up where the most stopping power is. That requires practicing until you become “unconsciously competent”, or you react correctly every time without thinking about it. The solution is to get an appropriately-sized dirt bike and locate a flat smooth firm dirt straightaway. Designate a point where you want to stop and accelerate through 4th gear towards it while sitting down, then apply both brakes gradually and develop good braking feel. Couple that precise feel with great judgment until you can confidently fully utilize the front brake and stop where you want to stop every time.