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 EVENT REPORT: Bernie Schreiber’s Annual American Trials School and Fun Trial!

On August 3 & 4, 2019, Bernie Schreiber, America’s only World Trials Champion (1979) returned to Southern California to perform his ZeroBS trials school , which was followed the next day by a Fun Trial competition. This event was organized by Gary LaPlante, MotoVentures President, who chose a new location near MotoVentures (Chaney Ranch in Warner Springs, Ca.) to beat the 95 degree heat. The ranch features many California Oak shade trees to park under and a beautiful lake to cool off in. The land has plenty of trials features including rocky creek beds, sandy sections, rock faces, logs and tree roots, rock and log combinations and steep dirt climbs. !

Saturday’s school was attended by 23 students and started with a morning outdoor classroom under the shade of an old oak tree. Bernie spoke for over 45 minutes utilizing various props to make his points including an easel, golf clubs and trials bikes. Mid-day a great lunch was served by the landowner leaving everyone full and ready for more riding instructions. For the riding exercises Bernie utilized two sections from Sunday’s fun trial and even had students set up a section from scratch then ride it repeatedly under his watchful eyes. Each student received a completion certificate, ZeroBS cap, 19-page color resource guide and a poster. !

Saturday evening everyone enjoyed a great dinner that was also prepared by the landowner. Following dinner, a few trials legends came by to see Bernie and reminisce. Those legends included Lane and Debbie Levitt, Geoff Aaron, Mike Griffits, Mark Eggar, Jim Wilson, Rich Delaney, Bruce Burnbaum, Jim Laudeman, Tom Van Beveren and David Pyle. As you can imagine the conversations and “bench-racing” lasted well past midnight. !
Sunday’s Fun Trial was attended by 31 competitors who rode eight fully marked sections three times. The sections were on a short loop around the beautiful lake and each section had lines to challenge novice, intermediates, advanced, master and expert riders. At the end, Bernie personally presented awards to each class winner: Novice-Jim Wilson on a vintage bike, Intermediate-Clive Hannon, Advanced-Tom Miller, Master- Bruce Davis and Expert-Cole Cullins.!
Special thanks to everyone who helped with this event especially Andre LaPlante who gave up many Sundays to work on the event. Also thanks to our gracious hosts, Ed and Michelle Picozzi. This event will become an annual occurrence with the next one slated for the Friday preceding San Diego Trials Rider’s (SDTR) annual 2-day classic trials competition at MotoVentures Rider Training Center in 2020. SDTR’s Sunday event in 2020 will mark the return of the Schreiber Cup, an old classic SoCal trials competition that was known for it’s difficult sections. You do not want to miss it.


Join us This Summer for Some Cool Dirt Bike Riding

MotoVentures is more prepared for this summer’s warm weather than ever before. First off, our training center is located at 3,000 ft in elevation so we are cooler than any area below us.  Our new “pits” features plenty of shade and we also now have a giant water tank that delivers fresh water to help keep us cool. The biggest feature we now have that’ll keep us cool is electricity! That’s right, we now have fans to blow air at us, air conditioning in our hospitality trailer, and a refrigerator to keep our drinks cold! Anybody want some ice cream?

New Summer Hours Starting in June; Start at 8am finish at 1pm

To help beat the heat we are asking our customers to arrive at 7:30am for an 8:00am start and a 1pm finish. This may be a little rough for you late risers, but will pay off later with plenty of time in the afternoon for “activities” like swimming or sleeping.


MotoVentures Receives 2019 “Friend of the AMA” Award

MotoVentures is very proud to receive the 2019 Friend of the AMA award by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA), America’s non-profit, member-based motorcycle enthusiast association with approximately 215,000 members whose mission is to promote the motorcycle lifestyle, and protect the future of motorcycling. The Friend of the AMA Award is presented annually to one or more in the motorcycle community, including clubs, companies, sponsors, and/or partners that have strongly supported the AMA mission and programs. The AMA recognizes that MotoVentures programs reach individuals of all ages, ranging from beginners to experts, and delivers training for trials, motocross, dual sport, and adventure riders. This award once again confirms that our services are good and valuable and we are achieving our goals of creating life-long motorcyclists.


Bernie Schreiber to Host Trials School and Fun Trial at MotoVentures

America’s only world trials champion, Bernie Schreiber, is coming to Southern California on August 3 & 4, 2019 to conduct his “Schreiber Experience” trials school followed by a Fun Trial for everyone the next day. Participation in Bernie’s school is limited to just 25 riders, but the Fun Trial is open to all riders. School cost is $195 and Fun Trial cost is $25. Camping is free for participants and there will be a BBQ dinner for only $12. Bernie will be teaching all the critical fundamental trials riding skills that all trials riders should know in order to have the most fun with a trials bike. This school will benefit everyone from a novice to an expert. 

Cool New Summertime Location Features Shade Trees and a Swimming Lake! 

This unique event will take place at a new MotoVentures location nearby with features that will make the summertime heat tolerable. This idyllic spot has all the trials sections we need plus it has large California Oak trees to park and camp under and it also has a beautiful lake to swim in and cool off. 

Don’t delay, space is limited for the school and there are still a few places available, so call today: (877) 260-6686. If you can’t join us please pass this along ASAP to someone you know who can. You don’t want to miss this great opportunity to get instruction from a true trials Legend at a beautiful new trials riding location complete with shade trees and a lake to swim in and cool off.


New Dunlop Tires for MotoVentures Bikes 

Let’s face it, your tires are the critical connection between you and Mother Earth so they better be good.  Over the past 50 years of riding all kinds of motorcycles we have worn out a lot of them from many different brands, and we’ve personally changed most of those tires. If we only had a quarter for changing each one… we would be rich! We have always preferred the control and performance of Dunlop tires and for the last 20 years, as a motorcycle training business with a fleet of bikes we have relied on high-quality, great performing Dunlop tires for our training services. When the time comes to buy replacement tires for our bikes, we buy them by the truckload!  For our dirt bikes we use Dunlop Geomax MX52’s and MX33’s and for our trials bikes we use Dunlop’s super grippy D803’s. 

If you have questions about what tires to run, how to change your tires, fix a flat, or what tire pressure to run, just email or call us. If you are considering what tires to run on your motorcycle, know that you can’t go wrong with a fresh set of confidence-inspiring Dunlop tires!



Gas Gas Trials Bikes for Kids of All Ages

MotoVentures has Gas Gas trials bikes for both kids and adults and offers trials riding every month. We have the perfect place, the best instruction, and a small fleet of late-model Gas Gas trials bikes for you to ride in sizes that range from 80cc engines to 300cc engines to accommodate both kids and adults. We have Gas Gas’s brilliant Contact model’s, which are incredibly capable recreational trials bikes with great features that include electric starting, a seat for riding on roads, and a larger gas tank to explore more with. We also have Gas Gas’s Racing and GP models, which are state-of-the-art competition bikes that you can win a championship on. 

Everyone knows that riding trials is the best way to take your dirt or dual sport riding to the next level and have a ton of fun in the process. That’s why we always have a Gas Gas trials bike around to show our dirt bike customers and let them take a brief test ride on. Maybe you are not sure you will like trials, maybe you don’t know what trials bike and trials riding gear to buy, and maybe you don’t know the few key fundamental skills needed to experience to joys of riding trials. Get off the dime, scratch that itch, release the clutch and call us immediately to schedule a day with us to ride trials. You will be glad you did. The cost is $275 using your trials bike and $375 using a MotoVentures trials bike. 


For Sale: Gently Used Gas Gas Trials Bikes  

Periodically we sell our gently used trials bikes and that time is coming up this summer. If you or someone you know is looking for a good used trials bike to buy give us a call. All of our trials bikes run great and are in very good condition, in some cases are barely used with only a few hours on the meters that we have attached to them. If we do not have a trials bike to sell you immediately you can reserve one that we have now by simply placing a deposit on it. Of course, with MotoVentures you can always take a trials bike for a brief ride or rent one for an entire day!

Current MotoVentures Gas Gas Trials Bikes for Sale: 

One 2017 GG 250 Racing $5,900 (New: $7,899)

One 2017 GG 300 GP $5,900 (New: $8,999)

One 2017 GG 125 Racing $5,600 (New: $7,699)

One 2017 GG 280 Contact $5,100 (New $6,499)

One 2017 GG 250 Contact $5,100 (New $6,499) 

One 2017 GG 125 School $4,900 (New: $5,999)

One 2017 GG 125 School $4,900

One 2017 GG 125 School $4,900

One 2017 GG 125 School $4,900

One 2012 GG 280 Pro $4,000 

One 2017 GG80 Cadet $4,600 (New: $4,999) 



We Ride All Year Around at MotoVentures

MotoVentures offers our training services all year around. In the summertime the 3,000 ft elevation of our training center keeps temps tolerable and we start and end earlier too (8am to 1pm). It’s only when there’s a heat wave (over 101 degrees) when we prefer to reschedule.  In the wintertime we get much needed rain and the occasional storm, which can bring us snow, but it’s rare when the weather is too bad to ride and with such good weather forecasting these days, we have plenty of notice to reschedule if needed.  We teach beginners, Level 2 riders, dual sport and adventure bike riders every weekend and we teach Level 3 and trials at least twice every month. You can bring your own bike or we can supply an appropriate bike for you. On weekdays we offer private lessons and work with corporate groups. Costs range from $185 per person/day to $375. 



Kids Summertime Dirt Bike Day Camps

Attention Moms and Dads: If you are looking for a great activity for your kids this summer why not ride dirt bikes for a day with MotoVentures. All you have to do is pick a weekday and assemble a small group of at least four participants and give us a call at (877) 260-6686 or email us at Parents can participate too. We have all the right-sized bikes and riding gear and a great Level 1 training program to get everyone trail riding around safely in no time.  Costs: $185 your bike $255 our bike (quantity discounts are available) 



Adventure Bike Rider Training

MotoVentures offers training for adventure bike riders every week, all year around. Adventure bike riders can ride their own adventure bike or use one of MotoVentures appropriately-sized Yamaha off-road bikes. MotoVentures proven formula for successful adventuring is pure and simple: get trained-up on a lightweight off-road bike first, which has no physical limits holding it back. They are easy to maneuver, durable, inexpensive to fix, and easy to pick up if crashed. Ideally the next day get similar training in a controlled environment on your big adventure bike that has some major physical limits. The key then becomes the rider’s ability to use good judgment and stay within their big bikes’ physical limits. Cost is $255 using your adventure bike and $355 using a Yamaha off-road bike. 


Learn to Wheelie Jump and Slide

MotoVentures offers Level 3 training in the form of a Wheelie, Jump, and Slide school at least one Sunday each month, but you must ride your own bike for this school. This is the “next level” training where we will focus on learning and practicing these three things and variations thereof. Like every skill it’s all about being fundamentally sound. We will learn how-to wheelie for a purpose (over logs, rain ruts, etc.) then how-to wheelie just for fun too. We will learn and practice both brake and power sliding, to the right and left, and both standing or sitting. We will also learn and practice basic jumping techniques which includes how to land too!! Cost: $275

2019 WJS Dates: June 30, July 28, Aug 18, Oct 20, Nov 17, and Dec 12. 



Event Report: 49th Annual El Trial de Espana at MotoVentures

On April 13 & 14, 2019 MotoVentures hosted the 49th annual El Trial de Espana, America’s oldest and most prestigious non-national trials competition. This event features two days of SCTA trials competition for all classes, which end after only two loops, so that America’s Top Pro trials riders can compete on four especially hard sections on the rocks near the pits. This is where hundreds of spectators were able to witness up close and personal the incredible riding talent as these young athletes climb up seemingly impossible rock faces. The weather was ideal, the raffle of valuable goodies was impressive, and the event was attended by over 85 competitors each day. In the end, Top Pro Rider Carl Davis took home the giant Spanish sword perpetual trophy.

If you missed it this year mark your 2020 calendars now because we will be celebrating the 50th El Trial in April 17 – 19, 2020 in conjunction with two AMA National Trials Championship Rounds. You do not want to miss our 50th because virtually all of the serious trials riders in America will be there. 


New Cahuilla Hotel Coming Soon

The Cahuilla Indian tribe is now building a 59-room hotel adjacent to their casino and restaurant which is only a half a mile away from our training center! That means by early next year our customers will be able to stay there overnight, just two minutes away from us. The casino currently also has a gas/diesel station next door and convenience market where our customers can pick up lunch for the day. Of course, this offers a great new convenient option for those who want to arrive the day/night before or stay for two days without driving 35 minutes into Temecula. 


MotoVentures Hard Enduro Course

Call us crazy, but we are drawn to Endurocross or Hard Enduro or Extreme Off-Road, or what-ever you want to call it probably because it’s so much like riding trials, but with fast bikes. As you can see by the photo we are collecting (and taking donations!) of the obstacles needed and will someday put them together as part of a challenging course we can use to teach Endurocross, moto-trials, and even for some adventure bike obstacles too. 


Gary’s Latest Story Published in Motorcycle Consumer News

The Well-Centered Rider, by Gary LaPlante

Why do some riders seem to have better balance than others? Did it come naturally or did they acquire good balance with training and constant practice. Maybe they were just born with a gyroscope inside their body! Regardless how they acquired balance, good riders have figured out that positioning their body in the center of the motorcycle when riding results in optimum performance. 

Centering is especially important on dirt, dual-sport, and adventure motorcycles that are designed to be ridden standing up. Riders of these bikes can help their performance by moving their bodies on top of the motorcycle on three axis; up and down, forward and rearward, and side-to-side, but always returning to the center of the motorcycle/rider “system”. Centering is critical to maintaining your balance at low speeds. Often called counterbalancing, centering is positioning your body in the center of the three axis. Centering is simply counterbalancing with your body correctly.

Where do most motorcycle accidents happen? At high speed or at low speeds? The answer thankfully is at low speeds when riders simply lose their balance and tip over. Learning how to center properly will result in fewer crashes, more confidence, and more energy for longer, more relaxing rides, especially when riding standing up on the foot pegs. Proper centering is essential for riding technical terrain like rocks, tight turns, and steep climbs. It’s okay to move your body off center to compensate for terrain changes as long as the rider eventually returns to center. 

To learn and practice centering, start with a motorcycle that has few physical limits so you can get a feel for centering. Dirt bikes and trials bikes are excellent tools to develop these skills. A good trials rider can ride almost any motorcycle well because they know how to center their body on the bike. To learn centering, move your body around when riding and experiment with different positions to feel what effects it has on your riding. Try to help your motorcycle by over exaggerating your movements to discover what is too much movement and what is not enough. When practicing centering while standing up remember that the art to riding well off-road is placing your body in the attack position when the going get rough and then riding in the energy-conserving position when the trail smooths out. To master proper centering riders must commit to practicing this skill every time they ride. 

Motorcycles are inherently unstable and will fall right over if we let them. Centering is a plateau skill and if you don’t know how to center your body, your technical riding skills will not continue to improve. Don’t fool yourself, just counterbalancing to the side is not enough, you must position your body in the center of up and down and forward and back too. With the right knowledge and practice you can also become a well-centered rider and never lose your balance again.