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MotoVentures Mid-Year Report

It is summertime 2017 and thanks to our many repeat customers and their referrals the first half of 2017 has been truly exceptional. I can’t think of a better way to spend a summer than riding a motorcycle, but of course you must know how to ride one first, and that’s where MotoVentures (MV) comes in.  At MotoVentures we offer beginner thru expert motorcycle rider training almost every week all year around and we also offer specialized training for trials riding and adventure bike riding.  Our ideally-suited and centrally located SoCal training center remains relatively cool in the summertime and to beat the heat we’ll start riding at 8am and finish at 1pm.  In on-going efforts to improve our services and equipment we have a lot of exciting news to talk about in this issue of “What’s New.” Come out and ride with us again someday soon and see for yourself.

El Trial de Espana event at Motoventures in Anza, California.


New Gas Gas Trials Bikes to Ride

MotoVentures is proud to be named Gas Gas’s Official West Coast Training Center. Sounds fancy, but what does that mean for our customers? It means they will always get fresh trials bikes to ride, they will be able to test ride any Gas Gas trials bike, they will get proper trials training and guidance, and they will get a $275 discount on purchasing a new Gas Gas trials bike (see below for details).

For our customers we currently offer the following 2017 Gas Gas trials bikes: Contact 250, Contact 280, 125 Racing, 300 Racing, and E-Kids trials bike too. The new Contact model delivers the best bang for your buck in new trials bikes today. They come equipped with a larger gas tank and a removable seat!  Our easy to start 125 Racing is perfect for lighter riders like women and teenagers, while our 300 Racing represents the maximum in power and performance.

For more information on Gas Gas motorcycles go to:

Our new Gas Gas fleet.

A typical day of trials riding with MotoVentures starts with a trials riders meeting then we practice turning, wheelies, rear wheel hops, climbs, and combinations. We’ll ride all day on the many different trials sections scattered around the property from previous trials competitions held here. We will teach you all the key fundamental skills you will need to get started right and get the most out of trials riding.

MotoVentures offers trials training at least twice a month, usually on Fridays and Sundays.

NOTE: If you have a group of up to six riders we can accommodate you on other dates not listed here.

2017 Trials Training Dates:

Aug 4 & 27, Sept 1 & 25, Oct 6 & 29, Nov 3 & 26, Dec 1 & 17

Our new 125 and 300 Racing trials bikes look almost the same.

Discounted Sales and Free Training Offer

Want to try trials? Thinking about buying a new trials bike?  Here’s the best deal in the industry: Come to MotoVentures and ride trials for a day on one of our 2017 Gas Gas trials bikes. Afterward we will give you a coupon that is redeemable for $275 off the purchase of a new Gas Gas Trials bike at any Gas Gas dealer in America. After purchasing a new Gas Gas that dealer will give you a coupon that is good for a day of free training on that bike with MotoVentures. So if you’re considering the sport of trials and wondering what bike to buy for it, Gas Gas wants you to get started right by first taking a class with MotoVentures, where you can ride their newest bikes, then by taking advantage of their generous $275 off to purchase of a new Gas Gas trials bike. Now what are you waiting for?


New HEBO Trials Helmets and TCX Trials Boots

The two items to strongly consider purchasing to ride trials are specialized trials boots and a trials helmet. Along with new trials bikes to ride, we now offer our customers new Hebo Trials helmets and new TCX trials boots to wear and we can get you your own TCX trials boots and Hebo helmet at a special MotoVentures discount price.

Check out our TCX boots and Hebo helmets for our students to wear.

To learn more about TCX boots go to:

To learn more about Hebo helmets go to:

Our New Used Tractor

Meet Mr. John Deere our newest company workhorse. With this great Skiploader tractor we will be able to make many improvements to our wonderful Rider Training Center that will result in an even better experience and some all-new services for our customers to enjoy. To begin with we are grading a new pit area location where we can all relax in comfort when not riding. Other plans include creating a smoother, more ideal braking zone, a perfectly-smooth oval flat track for sliding practice, an obstacle-filled endurocross course, and rain rut-free open areas, just to name a few. The addition of this tractor has been planned for many years so finally obtaining one is a real dream come true. Now all we need is some precious rain fall to make our grading easier and when it eventually does rain… you know where we will be.

Our new tractor.

Reminder: MV to Host First Annual Mountain Bike Race on November 18 & 19, 2017

Mark your calendars for this fall; Nov 18 & 19 when we will host an all new annual cross country mountain bike race already named the “SoCal Tough Nut” by famous MtB race course designer and promoter Jason Ranoa. Races will include a technical five mile cross country loop and run time trial style, a big jump contest, a bicycle trials (naturally), and a GPS based big loop endurance race. For more information go to

Report: 47th El Trial de Espana Competition

2018 will be the 48th year of the annual El Trial de Espana competition, the most prestigious non-national Moto-Trials competition in America.  Beginning with our event last April, MotoVentures is slated to be the new permanent home for El Trial. So mark your calendars and plan to join us at MotoVentures on April 21 & 22, 2018.

El Trial 2017 was well attended thanks to promotional efforts by event chairman Jared Malmquist. Also helping the excitement was Geoff Aaron’s involvement in setting up the exhibition sections. It takes a lot of time and effort by the many volunteers to host a big trials competition like this, which promises to be even bigger next year. Beyond that we expect to add two AMA National Trials events to the days preceding El Trial in the future, which will ensure all the top riders will attend. This year’s Pro-Class winner was Bryan Roper from Arizona, second was Alex Neiderer from Florida, and third was Daniel Blanc-Gonnet from Oregon.

NOTE: On July 29 & 30, 2017 a round of the 2017 FIM World Trials Championship will be held in the mountains near Kingman, Arizona and hosted by the Central Arizona Trials Club.  If you want to see the best trials riders in the WORLD this is the most convenient location you may ever find. We hope to see you there.

Scaling tall boulders in a single bound; it’s a super trials rider.

El Trial de Espana. This is what happens when you don’t make it!

Report: MV Hosts Gas Gas 2018 New Model Press Introduction 

Gas Gas (aka Terrot) hosted its first new model press introduction at MotoVentures to launch their new 2-stroke electric-start, Kayaba suspension-equipped, EC300 and XC300 off-road bikes. Geoff Aaron, 10-Time AMA National Trials Champion and now Gas Gas’s Press Manager, personally laid-out a fun 2-mile course on our property for everyone to use for test riding and photographing the new bikes. Approximately 40 editors and photographers from the dirt bike enthusiast media showed up and were treated to a formal tech briefing and catered lunch.

MotoVentures is proud to be part Team Gas Gas that includes pro riders like Geoff Aaron, Fred Andrews, and Steve Hatch. The highlight of the day was when we were able to share trials riding with AMA motocross champion Damon Bradshaw, Gas Gas’s new MX representative.  Not surprisingly it didn’t take Damon long before he was able to climb up and over our larger granite rocks on the property.

Damon Bradshaw:MX Champ/Monster Truck driver and now Gas Gas trials rider.

Report: Red Bull High-Performance MX Kids Program

Red Bull sponsors athletes in every sport including motorsports like motocross. In a big effort to give their athletes a performance advantage Red Bull has assembled a team of sports training experts who annually work with each sports group. To train their future motocross athletes this year they came to MotoVentures for a variety of training that included four hours of trials riding. The future stars of MX they brought out included Max Vohland, Derrick Drake, Mitchell Falk, and Pierce Brown. Of course these young MX racers picked-up trials techniques quickly after our training and our constant reminders to slow down!!

Watch out for these young guns in future MX results.

Young Red Bull MX riders loved cross training on our trials bikes.

Report: MV Hosts Fox Racing Corporation Groups

Imagine a tour bus rolls up and 50 excited Fox riding gear salesmen pour out and immediately dress up in anticipation of riding dirt bikes at MotoVentures for the day. Then imagine that happening for three days in a row with different groups of 50 riders each day! Welcome to the unique corporate services we offer at MotoVentures.

These three groups were filled with salesmen from Asia, Europe, and North America who were in town to learn about the 2018 Fox riding gear they would be selling. Talk about product familiarization. These people can really say they use what they sell.

We guided groups of 20 riders on a special three mile course that Gary laid out on the property, while we also marked a separate one mile self-guided mountain bike course too. Of course a nice catered lunch was provided and everyone had a great time. Based on the great feedback we got Fox had a very successful sales meeting and will be back again next year. Afterward Fox generously left behind some of their high-quality riding gear for our customers to wear and who knows, maybe Fox will be our next riding gear supplier so all our students can be outfitted in good looking Fox Riding Gear.

What does your corporate group do for fun and team building? Wouldn’t it be nice to ride dirt bikes at your next off-site meeting instead of the usual boring activities? Give MotoVentures a call and let us customize for you a unique business meeting that everyone will love and remember.

Fox Racing riders meeting where Gary lays down the law of the day!

Fox Racing with their employees from all over the world. We hosted about 60 people for 3 days. Here is a brief video of one of the days.

Riding Tip

Slide Job, a story written by Gary LaPlante reprinted from Motorcycle Consumer News

Slide Job

Want to learn how to slide a motorcycle? Use a dirt bike tool.

Stick your left foot out if you want to power slide a motorcycle! Of course you can learn to slide a motorcycle by using many different bikes on a variety of surfaces, but like any job there is a better or worse tool that you can use. This story is about using the best tool (dirt bikes) on the best surface (dirt) to learn how to slide a motorcycle. 

We’ve all seen motorcycle road racers leaving black rubber lines as they exit corners sideways and maybe wish we could experience that too. Fact is most good road racers cut their teeth on a dirt bike and that’s why they’re so comfortable sideways on a road race bike. With a dirt bike anyone can experience sliding, which is one of the most thrilling and fun things you can do on a motorcycle right next to jumping.

Sliding is one of the next-level skills that many riders are seeking soon after they learn the basics. Besides turning the handlebars or leaning the bike, siding is the third way that motorcycles turn. Of course you don’t need instruction to practice sliding, but you do need instruction to be safer, to speed up the process, and to avoid getting bad habits. You also need the key components of the right surface and the right bike or tool for the job.

At MotoVentures we teach first how to perform a rear brake slide (for turn entrances) then we teach how to perform a power slide (for turn exits). The key to both is how much you lean the bike. Our philosophy is you’ll learn more and you’ll learn it faster on a smaller, lower horsepower bike and that’s why we recommend using a bike like Yamaha’s friendly TTR125 at first. With a small confidence-inspiring bike you can really explore lean angle limits and the effects of your weight placement on the bike.

You can slide to the left at first then to the right, which is harder for many people. You can slide sitting or standing and when sliding the rear tire gets boring you can slide the front, left and right, sitting and standing. Remember to lean the bike plenty because it’s far better to lean it too much and crash to the low side than to not lean enough and crash to the high-side.

Learning how to slide a motorcycle is easy and fun if you start with a small bike at slow speeds then move up to a larger bike and higher speeds as your control and confidence grows. In today’s DIY world, everyone wants to become an expert overnight, but in the highly-consequential world of motorcycle riding where mistakes hurt, skills take time to perfect, and knowledge is not enough. You have to utilize the right tool for the job, which for the job of sliding means using a small, lightweight, friendly, dirt bike tool.