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 Happy New Year 2018!

In just two more years we will celebrate 20 years in business! I am proud to say MotoVentures has continuously grown and prospered every year since we began in 1999 largely because of the great support from our many loyal repeat customers and their generous referrals.  Thanks again.

Our “Dirt First” approach to motorcycle rider training by using dirt bikes to teach beginners, but also to teach street bike, dual sport, and adventure bike riders, is recognized by all the experts as the best way to learn and improve your riding skills. Want proof? Ask any of the top street/road racing schools; Total Control, California Superbike School, Street Masters, etc. They will all confirm that dirt training will help your overall riding skills and they all recommend MotoVentures training. Want more proof? The U.S. Marine Corp has ordered our training for their enlisted men and women for the next five years and beyond.

Our trials riding approach to becoming a better dirt rider has been proven in the Extreme Enduro and EnduroX racing results. Gas Gas USA recognizes our efforts to introduce trials to more dirt riders and has named MotoVentures their Official West Coast Training Center. We now feature a fleet of shiny new Gas Gas Trials Bikes for our customers to ride.

Our book; How to Ride Off-Road Motorcycles has sold over 9,000 copies worldwide. Would you like to know what we teach so you can practice by yourself? Just purchase a copy from us or on where we enjoy a 5-star rating with over 35 great reviews.

In 2018 you can expect from MotoVentures improved facilities, new training services, new riding gear, more bikes, more kids training options, new adventure bike training and events, Wheelie-Jump-Slide Schools, Pro Clinics, and hosting more corporate groups. If you want to join us next year please take a look at your 2018 calendar and call me directly anytime for questions or reservations.

Gary LaPlante, AKA Mr. MotoVentures

(877) 260-6686.

Great Christmas Gifts: 









If you’re looking for a great gift to give someone this Christmas try a MotoVentures Gift Certificate for our training. In addition, we also have more great gifts that include our t-shirts, caps, and our book; How to Ride Off-Road Motorcycles, all only $30 each.

To purchase these items simply call our toll-free number. The date of training can be determined later. Gift Certificates are available for any occasion all year around. Call or Email us today: (877) 260-6686 or

Weekly Training for Level 1 & Level 2 Riders







We continue to offer Level 1 & Level 2 training almost every week all year around, usually on weekends, but often on weekdays too. These dates are for everyone from kids to adults and street riders to dirt riders. We DO NOT post these training dates because we offer at least two training days every week.

We DO post training dates for special events and specific monthly schools like Trials Riding, Adventure Bike training, and our Wheelie. Jump, and Slide (WJS) schools. 

NOTE: If any date you want is not listed or if we appear to be booked with another service please ask us anyway, especially if you have two or more participants. Our dates may change as we continually try to accommodate our customer’s schedules.

Weekly Adventure Bike Rider Training







MotoVentures offers adventure bike rider training almost every weekend, all year around. You can bring your own adventure bike or ride one of our light, friendly, dirt bikes. We do not currently offer rental adventure bikes, but plan to someday. Until then we are still offering the best training for those adventure bike riders who do not have any dirt riding experience or skills AND we offer the best training for current adventure bike riders to take their riding to the next level.

Our simple formula; to use lightweight, friendly, electric start, four-stroke, appropriately sized dirt bikes to teach people how to ride their Adventure Bike is the best approach. Our dirt bikes have no physical limits so you can learn and develop the riding skills you need without fighting a big bike. We recommend training with us again the second day on your Adventure Bike to learn it’s limits and develop good judgment. The key after that will be to use good judgment and ride within your bikes physical limits of traction, ground clearance, etc. 

Monthly Wheelie, Jump, and Slide (WJS) Training:







In response to requests from our Level 2 graduates we will offer monthly schools in 2018 (usually on Fridays) just focusing on the key skills of Wheeling, Jumping, and Sliding. A minimum of six students will be required and we DO NOT provide the bikes, you must bring your own.

Cost is: $250.00

2018 WJS Training Dates:

January 19, March 16, April 27, May 18, June 15, July 20, August 17, September 14, October 26, November 16, December 14.

Monthly Trials Training








If you want to try riding a trials bike you found the right place. Once again for 2018 we will offer two dates each month that you can join us for trials riding. One will be a Friday and one will be a Sunday so you should be able to make at least one of them. We currently have eight trials bikes for you and your friends to ride and we’re always looking for newer models to buy and replace our older models. When we find one we’ll announce the sale of one of the trusty bikes that we are using now. If you’re looking for a new trials bikes we can hook you up with a Gas Gas dealer nearest you.

2018 Trials Training Dates:

January 12 & 28, February 9 & 18, March 2 and 25, April 14 & 15 (48th annual El Trial de Espana), May 4 & 20. June 1 & 17, July 6 & 22, August 3 & 26, September 7 & 23, October 5 & 28, November 2 & 25, December 7 & 16.

Our Gas Gas Trials Bikes







MotoVentures is the official West Coast Trials Training Center for Gas Gas Motorcycles USA. No surprise because we have the perfect property for all our training. This means when you come to MotoVentures for training you will get a chance to ride the latest Gas Gas trials, off-road, and electric motorcycles. We even now have kids trials bikes and electric bikes too!

Special Sales Offer: Only available thru MotoVentures






Join us for a day of trials riding ($375 using our trials bike, $275 using your trials bike) and you will take home a coupon good for $275-off the purchase of any new Gas Gas trials bike from any US dealer. Buy that new trials bike within one year and you can ride it with us for a free day of trials training (a $275 value!). This is the best deal in the industry!

Our 2017 Gas Gas Trials and Off-Road Bikes:

We currently feature a fleet of the 2017 Gas Gas “Contact”, “School”, and “Racing” model trials bikes with 80cc, 125cc, 250cc, 280cc, and 300cc engines in both adult and kids sizes. In addition, we also have the following Gas Gas’s available for you to test ride while training with us: E-12 Electric Kids Dirt Bike, E-12 Electric Kids Trials Bike, and their new 2018 EC300 2-Stroke Off-Road Bike.

Used Bikes for Sale:







Two 2017 Gas Gas Racing 300 Trials Bikes: $5500 ea.

One 2017 Gas Gas EC250 Off-Road Bike: $4500

Our Trials Riding gear: 







When riding trials with us you can use off-road riding gear, but the two pieces of riding gear you should use are specialized trials riding boots and helmet.  Of course, we supply any riding gear you need at no extra cost and that includes new Hebo Trials Helmets and TCX trials boots.

MotoVentures to Host 48th Annual El Trial de Espana on April 14 & 15, 2018







MotoVentures ideal 350-acre trials riding paradise is now the permanent home for El Trial de Espana, America’s oldest and most-prestigeous annual non-national trials competition. 

Mark your calendars and join us on April 14 & 15, 2018 for the 48th annual “El Trial” competition.

MotoVentures will host El Trial and at least one other round in the annual Southern California Trials Competition Series. Because of this, our property features countless well-defined trials “sections” with fun and challenging lines for every skill level.

Rent a Trials Bike for El Trial de Espana

For the first time MotoVentures is offering its fleet of trials bikes for our customers to rent during this event. This will include basic trials training in the morning each day then “Team MotoVentures”, led by Gary will ride as a group together during the competition observing first hand the sport of trials while practicing the techniques it takes to compete.  Our team will ride the event single-track “loop” and will visit every section and meet and observe top pros tackling seemingly impossible terrain. Our special group will also ride marked section and will discover which class they should ride if they wanted to compete. This will be a real insider’s guide to trials riding and the sport of trials. You can bring your own trials bike or use one of our Gas Gas’s (with limited availability).

Cost is $350 per day using our bike and $250 per day using your own trials bike.

We Host Corporate Events: 







Every year our friends at Southern California Motorcycles located in Brea CA., join us for a fun and relaxing team building day on dirt bikes. Their team of enthusiastic employees ranging from beginners to experts, all enjoyed our training and trail riding, not to mention the rustic BBQ lunch. SoCal M/Cs is noteworthy because they are one of the Top Ducati and Triumph dealers in America and they also carry Suzuki, Victory, and Royal Enfield. If you are looking to buy one of these brands go see them and please tell them we sent you.

In 2017 we also hosted corporate events for Fox Racing, Gas Gas USA, Red Bull Amateur Athlete’s, and others.  What does your company do for its annual employee party, team building, off-site meetings, etc.? Give us a call and let us customize a day in the dirt for your next company outing.

Yamaha R&D Develops Off-Road Bikes at MotoVentures

The Research and Development Department for Yamaha Motor Corp., has been utilizing MotoVentures private 350-acre Rider Training Center to test and develop their amazing off-road bikes. They set up a course that they use every time as a consistent baseline for their testing. We asked one Japanese Yamaha engineer what they we testing and suddenly his English was not so good. That’s okay we don’t need to know any secrets, we’re just glad they make such durable and reliable bikes for our customers to ride.  We have always known how special our training center is and our customers should know they are riding at the right place when Yamaha R&D likes our property enough to use it to develop their fine off-road motorcycles. 

Military Training by MotoVentures

We are proud to announce the U.S. Marine Corp., has selected MotoVentures to provide Level 3 training for their men and women stationed at their west coast bases of Camp Pendleton, 29-Palms, Yuma NAS, and Bridgeport.  MotoVentures Dirt First training is perfect for their enlisted personnel who also ride street bikes. The US military is leading by example when they include our training for their motorcycle riders. If you are in the military ask your base safety office what motorcycle rider training programs they offer and remind them we are authorized by the Marine Corp and Navy and available at our centrally located SoCal Rider Training Center or we can also bring our bikes and riding gear to your base and conduct our training for you there.

Our Dirt First Training for Total Control Street Bike Riding Instructors

For the second straight year Lee Parks from Total Control asked Gary to attend his annual Professional Development Workshops (PDW) with 15 dirt bikes and teach up to 400 of his certified instructors. The locations were Prairie City OHV near Sacramento, CA., and Willow Springs Raceway near Lancaster, CA.

At the 2016 PDW our dirt riding class was an elective class, but this year it was required by all. Last year the riding exercises were Tight Sitting Turns and Emergency Braking. This year we covered Low Speed Turns from a Stop and Surmounting Obstacles.

Lee wants to give his instructors a chance to experience dirt bike riding because he understands the value for street riders and encourages all his instructors and students to ride and train on a dirt bike. A tip of the helmet visor to Lee and his crew for their expertise and continued support for our Dirt First approach to motorcycle rider training. For more info go to:

Our Washington Partners

We have trained and certified Jason Sherman and Whitney Koeberle, AKA Dirt Bike Safety Training, to teach our Dirt First Level 1 & 2 rider training courses. They currently have a training site located near Seattle, WA. They also have all the bikes and gear too if you need it.

If you live in the Pacific Northwest or plan to go there you can get our high-quality training from them.  Call or email Jason and Whitney anytime at: (425) 503-8671 or 

Gary Writes for Motorcycle Consumer News

Motorcycle Consumer News (MCN) is a subscription based publication that doesn’t take advertising and features unbiased reviews of a variety of products and services, primarily oriented toward street bike riders. Just over a year ago the editor of Motorcycle Consumer News asked Gary to write a column for every issue of MCN about how to ride. It has been a good exercise to find a new way to communicate our training to reach out to street riders who really need it. Here’s a list of stories written by Gary that MCN published in 2017:

Small Engine, Big Adventure

The Secret to Riding Adventure Bikes

How to Conquer Common Dirt Riding Skills Plateaus

One Bike Does Not Fit All

The Check List

Stand and Deliver

Slide Job

Additional Control Devices

It’s a Hill. Get Over It.

Body English

Let Nothing Surprise You

Braking Bad

Line Selection

Why Wheelie

Fox Racing with their employees from all over the world. We hosted about 60 people for 3 days. Here is a brief video of one of the days.