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Gear Up for Fall Riding 2019

Fall riding!! Sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? Are we talking about riding? or falling? If you’re not riding, you’re not falling, that’s for sure. I must ride a lot because I do fall occasionally, thankfully at low-speeds these days. High speed crashes are the painful ones. That’s where a good full set of riding gear comes in. I don’t know how I got away with so few injuries when I was crashing back in the old days without much more riding gear on than hiking boots, open face helmet, leather gloves and crummy goggles. These days good riding gear is plentiful and you’re a fool if you don’t wear it all (knee pads anyone?). The simple formula for success is always to wear good gear, get good training, and practice frequently. The bottom line is that if you enjoy motorcycling often there is a chance you will run out of talent someday and tip over, hopefully at a low speed. Be prepared for that eventuality by “dressing for the crash” and by “using all the gear all the time”.  

Gary LaPlante, aka, Mr. MotoVentures


Special Fall Savings Offer, Expires November 1st. 

Right now, you can save a whopping 20% when you purchase our services before Nov 1, 2019. You can schedule the date later and even give our services as great gift this holiday. Gift certificates are available. Don’t delay take advantage of this limited time special offer to plan ahead or just to make sure you sharpen your skills periodically.







Discounts for Graduate Students, Business and Family Groups, and Military Personnel:

$95 for our Level 2 graduates who have purchased bikes. We call this our Practice Day price and it expires one year from your last class. This is our way of making it affordable for our students to keep practicing skills that are perishable if not used often. 

10%-Off for groups of three to five, any level students, and for groups over five it’s 15% off. Our training is more fun when shared with others so ask around and invite others to join you and save money. 

10%-Off for our active military personnel because we appreciate your service to our country and want to see you become a safe and lifelong motorcyclist. 

These discounts cannot be combined.







For Sale: New 2017 Gas Gas 125cc School Trials Bikes, $4450 ea.

MotoVentures and Gas Gas have teamed up for a special offer you can’t pass up. MotoVentures has four new 2017 Gas Gas 125cc School trials bikes for sale immediately for only $4,550 each (a $5,000 value). Because these are new bikes, they will include a limited FACTORY WARRANTY and a FREE DAY OF TRIALS TRAINING at MotoVentures trials riding paradise (a $275 total value). These new trials bikes are set-up and ready to ride with zero hours on the hour meters. These modern trials bikes are perfect for a wide variety of new trials riders especially for kids and women. Everyone knows that trials riding is one of the best ways to improve your dirt bike and dual sport riding skills. MotoVentures can teach you everything you need to know to own a trials bike including how to ride one correctly, too. These bikes are available to test ride before you purchase and they won’t be available for long. Call Gary immediately at (877) 260-6686 or email him at 







Weekly Adventure Bike Training and Practice

MotoVentures offers the best training for adventure bike riders, which is first to learn and practice on lighter, friendlier dirt bike then to practice again on your bigger adventure bike. With skills from riding a dirt bike first, adventure bike riders must use good judgment and ride within the larger bikes’ physical limits of ground clearance, traction, turning radius, etc. Ideally this training will take place over two consecutive days, then followed by frequent practice. Our adventure bike training is essentially our Level 2 curriculum with a few exceptions to accommodate the larger bikes’ limits. 


Three Wheelie, Jump, and Slide Schools: 10/11/19, 11/17/19 and 12/15/19

Do you want to learn how to wheelie, jump, and slide your dirt bike? We can teach you, but you have to bring your own bike! This is our Level 3 curriculum and it is designed to teach you the techniques to practice and establish sound fundamentals so you can take your riding to the next level. Cost is only $275


Upcoming Events at MotoVentures

October 19 & 20. Trials Competition. San Diego Trials Rider’s annual 2-day event. This is a great time to check out a trials competition, meet new friends, maybe even find a used trials bike to purchase. For more information go to

October 26 & 27. Group from Doc Wong’s Street Riding Clinic’s in Northern California will be coming down to MV for two days of dirt bike training and camping. Want to join them? 

For more info go to or call them at (650) 365-7775 

November 2 & 3. Vintage trials competition. MV is hosting the American Historic Racing Motorcycles Association (AHRMA) annual competition. Bring out that old trials bike and ride it just for fun. Check out the old bikes there and reminisce with the riders. 

November 16 & 17. Long Beach BMW has a shop sponsored 2-day adventure bike train n camp at MotoVentures. Activities include training classes and local tours by day and camaraderie and entertainment Saturday night. For more information call Gary at (877) 260-6686

December 14. Consumers can test ride a new Beta motorcycle at MotoVentures. That’s right this is your golden opportunity to try before you buy. Test rides will take place on a short, marked loop on the property. Contact you local Beta dealer for more information.


Rent a BMW Motorcycle from Hertz

MotoVentures customers can now rent a BMW motorcycle from BMW of Riverside, CA. This news is made possible from an agreement with renowned car rental company Hertz and select US BMW dealers. The next time you fly to SoCal on business pack your helmet and gear and spend a few extra days checking out our fine roads. If you rent a bike from them please tell them we sent ya! For more information, contact them at (951) 353-0607 or or by visiting them at 7740 Indiana Ave Riverside, CA 92504










Event Reports:

Our first annual Bernie Schreiber School on August 3 & 4 was a big success.  Bernie’s school was held at Chaney Ranch in August, but his next school will be held at MotoVentures in October 2020 as part of a 2-day competition. Mark your calendars now and don’t miss this. 

The Barstow, CA Field Office of the Bureau of Land Management hires MotoVentures annually to train their officers and rangers who patrol and manage the California deserts. This marks the third straight year MV has been employed by the BLM to train their officers who are there primarily for public safety. 

Lee Parks (Total Control) is the curriculum provider for the California Motorcyclist Safety Programs (CMSP) approx. 400 instructors. For the fourth consecutive year Lee has hired MotoVentures to teach his instructors by riding dirt bikes thus giving them the knowledge and experience to improve their skills and pass their knowledge on to their students. 


Andre is USMCA-Certified 

MotoVentures instructor Andre LaPlante is now certified by the United States Motorcycle Coaching Association (USMCA), which means he is officially qualified to teach people how to ride motorcycles. Of course, we already knew that. The newly formed USMCA is backed by the motorcycle industry in an effort to raise the standards for instructors to follow. Just more proof that you are getting professional instruction when you ride with MotoVentures. 









Local Hotel Coming Soon 

The nearby Cahuilla Casino is adding a 60-room hotel that will be completed by early next year and will feature a new casino, restaurant, and convenience market with a gas/diesel station. This is great news for our customers since the hotel is only one mile away! Contact them to reserve a room and when you do… ask for the MotoVentures discount.

52702 Hwy 371 Anza, CA 92539   (888) 371-2692







Motorcycle Cross-Training, a story from Gary’s column in Motorcycle Consumer News

Cross training is a popular way in just about every sport to improve your skills and fitness. Motorcycle cross training means simply to ride a different motorcycle occasionally either by borrowing, renting, or by attending one of the many riding schools that are available today. When it comes to riding motorcycles, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation says it best; “The more you know, the better it gets.” 

All motorcycles have the same basic controls that you must learn how to use; throttle, clutch, and shifting of the engine, front and rear wheel brakes, handlebars for steering, and a seat and foot pegs to carry your body weight. All the experts agree that the best way to develop good riding skills is to begin by riding a smaller, more controllable bike, like a dirt bike. The skills you develop on a dirt bike are directly transferrable to help when riding most other motorcycles. The fact is that street bike riders with dirt bike experience are involved in far fewer street accidents than street riders without dirt bike experience. 

To answer the question of whether cross training does any good or not, look no further than how motorcycle enthusiast and competitors use it to become better in their sport: Road Racers cross train by power sliding around dirt ovals on small dirt bikes, Hard Enduro riders cross train by riding trials bikes, and Adventure Bike riders cross train by riding dirt bikes.

The problem is many street riders only own one bike, but a bigger problem is that many riders don’t really understand the value and resist the notion of cross training. Even some professional street bike instructors avoid cross training. Maybe it’s because they don’t want to get hurt, maybe they don’t want to improve and are satisfied with their skills now, or maybe it’s because they don’t want anyone to know they aren’t very good at it. The good news is today you don’t need to own a dirt bike to get dirt bike training. There are companies with the dirt bikes who can teach you how to ride better then take you on an epic tour in places only accessible by a dirt bike. 

Dirt bikes make great cross-training tools for motorcyclists because their small size is confidence inspiring. You can learn how to use all the controls properly, safely learn braking and turning skills and limits, speed and how to use it, critical visual habits so you are never surprised, good riding judgment, how to help your motorcycle and not just sit there, and how to select and stick to the best line.

Cross training isn’t just for competitors, it’s a good idea for all motorcycle riders. Take yourself out of your comfort zone occasionally and ride or buy a different bike. Today we enjoy a great diversity of bikes to ride and variety IS the spice of life. Besides, one more motorcycle in the garage won’t take up much space!