Basic Motorcycle Riding Lessons

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Level 1 is for absolute beginners (adults and children) who have never ridden a motorcycle before.

Classes are held weekly. Sign up to get started, or call us at (951) 956-0976

See our Pricing for Lessons and Training page to see the current cost for these lessons.

MOTOVENTURES® Level 1 training course is a five hour, step-by-step introductory course to riding motorcycles properly without forming bad habits. Our approach to learning to ride motorcycles is DIRT FIRST, and using dirt bikes to train any prospective motorcycle rider is widely acknowledged as the best way to start motorcycling.

With great patience, professional instruction, a perfectly-sized dirt bike, and a full set of protective riding gear, our Level 1 students will learn how to properly use the controls, twist a throttle to accelerate and decelerate and use both brakes to stop, how to shift gears and use a manual clutch (except on our 50s, 90s, and 110s). Level l students will also learn turning skills, stand up riding skills, and how to ride various hill challenges. They will learn important mental and visual habits, safety and environmental concerns, rider responsibility and etiquette, and the importance of bike maintenance. They will ride each exercise then follow their instructor as they are lead on a fun trail ride on our 350 acre private property before returning to the range to ride another exercise.

Note: Young children must be able to ride a bicycle without training wheels before we can train them. With our fun Level 1 course new riders will gain control, confidence, learn what and how to practice, and will be fully prepared for our Level 2 Riding Skills Builder class and their next riding adventure.

Kids Motorcycle Training

We have many options for kids motorcycle training. Sign up to get started, and we will assist you in selecting the best option for your young rider.

Choosing a kids training course with MOTOVENTURES® is as easy as knowing your ABCs. Our kids training courses are designed to be safety-oriented, fun and skill building. Sure kids want to learn how to ride, but they really want to ride somewhere and have a great time so we made an excellent novice-level trail system on our property where we can take them on fun trail rides between the riding exercises.

We teach safe riding skills and deliver important messages about how bikes work, what is proper riding gear, environmental concerns, and the expected conduct while riding a dirt bike. Plan ahead to secure your place as space is limited.