EVS Adult Elbow/Forearm Guards


Our EVS Option Elbow Pad adult elbow guards are made of hi-density foam covered by an outer layer of hi-impact polypropylene. Two straps fasten them to your arms. These elbow pads are sized for adults.



Elbow pads are often overlooked, but elbow injuries can be extremely painful. MOTOVENTURES considers elbow pads a must. Made by EVS Sports, the Option Elbow Pads feature the following characteristics:

  • Hard molded polypropylene shell
  • Perforated bio-foam liner for increased breathability
  • Tri-Y forearm strapping system provides greater support and reduces migration
  • Extended forearm protection pad
  • Asymmetric design provides anatomical fit for left & right arms

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 16.6 × 9 × 5.4 in


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