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MotoVentures Motorcycle Training Riders
MotoVentures Motorcycle Training Riders
MotoVentures Motorcycle Training Riders
MotoVentures Motorcycle Training Riders
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Welcome to MotoVentures

… and the Wonderful World of Motorcycle Riding!

At MotoVentures Inc., we offer a wide range of motorcycle riding and training services for everyone-adults and kids, beginners to advanced riders, street riders, adventure bike and dual sport riders, motocross riders and trial bike riders.

We offer our training services every weekend, year around, and often on weekdays at our private, conveniently located, ideally-suited, 350-acre Southern California Rider Training Center in Anza, California just 30 minutes outside of the Temecula wine country.

In our virtual store, we sell many products related to our services, including the book  How to Ride Off-Road Motorcycles written by MotoVentures founder and head instructor, Gary LaPlante.


MotoVentures Dirt First


We call our approach to training “Dirt First” because experts agree dirt bike riding is the best way to first learn to ride and it’s also the best way to take your current riding to the next level. We offer 3 Levels of training for dirt bikes:

Level 1 Dirt First training is for absolute beginners with no motorcycle riding experience.

Level 2 Dirt First training is for novices and intermediate riders including any performance-oriented motorcycle riders like street bike, dirt bike, off-road, dual sport and adventure bike riders.

Level 3 Dirt First training is for advanced riders like trials competitors, extreme off-road riders, and motocross racers.


We also offer the following activities:

  • 2-Day Training classes for all skill levels
  • Private Coaching on weekdays
  • Children and Kids’ Spring and Summer Camps
  • 2-day Adventure Bike Rider Training Camps
  • Moto-Trials Training
  • Pro Riding Clinics
  • Practice Days for our graduate students
  • Training for men, women, boys, and girls of all skill levels and (almost) all ages


To register for a class submit your Rider Profile or Sign Up Sheet located on each class or activity page.

Some Quick Facts: