Intermediate Motorcycle Riding Lessons

Motorcycle Riding Lessons at MOTOVENTURES- Image 2

Level 2 is for novice to advanced off-road riders, dual sport riders, street bike riders.

Classes are held weekly. Sign up to get started, or call us at (877) 260-6686

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MOTOVENTURES Level 2 Skills Builder motorcycle rider training is our most popular course and designed to take your existing riding skills to the next level. If you can ride a motorcycle now you qualify for our Level 2 training.

This 5.5 hour course covers all the critical fundamental skills needed to operate any motorcycle correctly, especially a dirt bike.

MOTOVENTURES believes that dirt bikes are the best way to learn to ride, and also the way to help you take your current riding to the next level, regardless of what you ride now. That’s why the MOTOVENTURES approach to motorcycle training is DIRT FIRST. With our expert coaching you will learn and memorize your skills with exercises like pro-active body positioning, advanced turning and braking techniques, climbing and descending difficult hills, maneuvering through ruts, soft sand, and how to ride over obstacles.

Level 2 students will also learn the mental and visual habits needed along with many challenging riding exercises conducted on a variety of terrain. Students can practice technical skills for improved performance in the dirt, while street bike riders will improve overall motorcycle handling skills and boost their confidence for riding in both the street and dirt.

This class establishes all the key skills needed before taking our Level 3 course. As we do with all our classes, we will ride together a series of exercises then we’ll all take a fun trail ride on our private 350-acre property where students can put to use new-found skills before returning to the range to ride more exercises.

NOTE: If you are joining us for Level 2 training and want to try a trials bike, let us know and we’ll bring one out for you to try. Once you learn to ride a dirt bike and want to take your riding to the next level, riding trials is the best and quickest way to improve your skills.