December 2020 Newsletter


We just sent out our December 2020 newsletter, and it had been a while since we had sent one, so it’s really packed with all kinds of information. While the COVID pandemic changed all of our lives, hopefully you were able to keep riding your motorcycle!

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Camp Overnight at MOTOVENTURES®

2nd MOTOVENTURES Hosted BMW Train N Camp Event

MOTOVENTURES® is now taking reservations for our customers to camp overnight at our Southern California Rider Training Center. Drive a car, truck, motorcycle, or motorhome the night before your class and avoid the morning rush and wake up the next day fresh and ready to ride.

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MOTOVENTURES® Great Springtime Riding Conditions for 2020


Anytime is a good time to ride dirt bikes at MOTOVENTURES® private 350-acre riding paradise, but Springtime is always the best time thanks to the great weather and riding conditions this time of year. We do not get much rain (our annual average rainfall is only 16 inches) in Southern California, but we do get the majority of it in the spring, which results in beautiful scenes like bright green moss covering our giant granite trials boulders and fields of multi-colored wild flowers (see photo) with our single track trails winding through them.

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MOTOVENTURES® Event Postponed: 50th Annual El Trial de Espana

Due to concerns over the Coronavirus, the US trials community has decided to postpone the 50th annual El Trial de Espana from April 18 & 19, 2020 to October 31/November 1, 2020. The location remains the same; MOTOVENTURES® private 350-acre trials riding paradise near Anza, CA. For more info on trials events in southern California go to

MOTOVENTURES® is Open for Business

Clean Motorcycle Goggles

Like all small businesses these days, MOTOVENTURES® is taking every precaution to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, but we will cautiously remain open for business almost every weekend and often on weekdays too all year around. We operate out of a location that is far from potentially contagious city crowds, we sanitize all our equipment and riding gear after every use, we practice a policy of small 6:1 student to instructor ratios, we also offer private lessons, and our instructors always keep a safe distance from their students.

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MOTOVENTURES® to Host 50th El Trial de Espana on April 18 & 19, 2020

El Trial de Espana MotoVentures 2018

El Trial de Espana is America’s oldest and most prestigious non-national Moto-Trials competition and 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of this event. MOTOVENTURES® 350-acre trials paradise is now the permanent home for this event, which is designed as a fundraiser for a team of American trials riders to compete in the annual Trials Des Nations (TDN) competition in Europe.

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Coming Soon: New Hotel Near MOTOVENTURES®

Cahuilla Hotel Near MOTOVENTURES

Are you looking for a hotel near MOTOVENTURES®? The new Cahuilla Hotel and Casino is opening May 1st and is located only one mile away from MOTOVENTURES® 350-acre Rider Training Center. It features a 60-room hotel, gambling casino, restaurant & bar, convenience market, and a gas/diesel station. MOTOVENTURES® customers now have a super convenient and comfortable place to stay and dine the night before and after joining us to ride dirt bikes.

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Dirt Bike Wheelie, Jump and Slide School at MOTOVENTURES® DIRT FIRST

Dirt Bike Motorcycle Group

Let’s Wheelie, Jump, and Slide!

MOTOVENTURES® DIRT FIRST customers are always looking for the next level in motorcycle training and we give it to them in the form of trials training, adventure bike training, and our Level 3 training (aka Wheelie, Jump, and Slide School or WJS). For Level 3 training our students are required to bring their own bike. In our Level 3 training we focus on wheelies for a purpose and wheelies to show off as well.

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Motorcycle Training in Winter – Weather Permitting

Motorcycle Riding In The Rain

We had a blast last weekend riding in the rain here at MOTOVENTURES®, where the riding actually improves in these inclement conditions. Riders ranged from seven-year-old kids on Yamaha TTR50s, to adult beginners on Yamaha TTR230s, to teenagers and adults riding trials for the first time on our Gas Gas trials bikes. Some people who are new to riding in the dirt fear rain, while experienced riders pray for it.

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MOTOVENTURES® Featured in Road & Track Magazine November 2019

A Trials Bike Taught Me to Love the Toyota RAV 4

November 2019’s “truck issue” of Road & Track magazine features a story about the Toyota RAV4 and MOTOVENTURES® dirt and trials bike training. The story title is; “Trials by Fire, A trials bike and RAV4 take us to school.”

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