MOTOVENTURES® Great Springtime Riding Conditions for 2020

Anytime is a good time to ride dirt bikes at MOTOVENTURES® private 350-acre riding paradise, but Springtime is always the best time thanks to the great weather and riding conditions this time of year. We do not get much rain (our annual average rainfall is only 16 inches) in Southern California, but we do get the majority of it in the spring, which results in beautiful scenes like bright green moss covering our giant granite trials boulders and fields of multi-colored wild flowers (see photo) with our single track trails winding through them.

The real beauty of MOTOVENTURES® Rider Training Center this time of year is the great traction we get, no dust, and cool temperatures. With our elevation at 3,900ft, it usually only snows here an average of seven inches every year and when it rains hard our classic desert sand wash, where we teach sand riding, becomes a flowing river (see photo) that reshapes and rejuvenates into one of the many great training features that we have on the property.

MOTOVENTURES April 2020There are a couple of things this weather brings that we do not like; hazardous rain ruts that form on some down-hill slopes and an over abundance of weeds that crop up over the summer months and dry out making a wild fire hazard for the fall when the Santa Ana winds howl through the canyons. We can’t stop the winds and wildfires, but we can repair the rain ruts on our classic hill climb and on down-hill slopes and use them as more great training features on the property.

In our quest to provide the best riding experiences we are constantly improving the place and have just opened up several new smooth novice rider trails. These new single-track trails (Note: it is almost impossible to find easy single-track trails anywhere else, but MOTOVENTURES®) will provide even more fun and excitement along with the skill building challenges that new riders need.

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