Motocross Training

MOTOVENTURES® now offers a great foundation building motocross training course that is intended for new motocross riders who need the specific techniques for riding safely on a motocross track.

For this 5-hour course riders must provide their own bike and a full set of riding gear must be worn. This class will be conducted on MOTOVENTURES® private motocross track, which has been designed to feature specific sections for students to practice each skill-building exercise without the danger and distraction of non-participant track users. This course includes how to position your body correctly for mx situations, how to maximize braking, how to safely tackle track corners, how to jump, how to brake and power slide, and how to ride common MX terrain challenges like ruts, off-cambers, and whoops. This class is only available one Sunday every month and participation limited to just 12 students.

Cost: $350

2023 Dates for Motocross Training:

June 25th

July 30th

August 27th

September 24th

Note: All MX101 dates are subject to change without notice. If you want a date not posted here call us anyway as we may be able to accommodate you with another date or private day.
MOTOVENTURES® Level 1 and Level 2 dirt bike classes and Adventure Bike classes are available
almost every weekend all year around.