Our Riding Gear

MOTOVENTURES Motorcycle Riding School - Image 3

A complete set of riding gear is required on all MOTOVENTURES® rides, without exception. A full set of riding gear consists of full-coverage off-road helmet, goggles, riding pants with kneepads, long sleeve jersey, elbow pads, socks and boots, shoulder pads and gloves. For multi-day customers, a clean set of socks, pants and jersey are provided each day.

Our customers are welcome to bring their own gear, but for those without gear, we proudly offer loaner gear to use that day at no extra cost.

MOTOVENTURES® has the inventory and selection of loaner riding gear in a wide range of sizes, for both adult and kids and enough to outfit large groups of up to 30 people, and it’s all because of fantastic product support from Yamaha Genuine Accessories, Fly Racing, HJC Helmets, Smith Goggles, TCX Boots, and EVS Pads.

Our trials riding gear consists of specialized trials boots and trials helmets. Trials boots are light, flexible and designed for walking and riding, and trials helmets are light, vented, and have an open face. Both reflect the relatively low speed requirements of this specialized sport. The remaining gear can be your own dirt bike riding gear or supplied by us.