The MOTOVENTURES® Approach to Motorcycle Riding School is DIRT FIRST

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The MOTOVENTURES®‘ approach to motorcycle training involves teaching students how to ride on a friendly, appropriately-sized dirt bike first, even when the student’s goal is to ride a street motorcycle. Motorcycle training experts agree that dirt bike riding is the best way to first learn how to ride a motorcycle, and it’s also great for improving the motorcycle riding skills of any rider. We call our motorcycle training DIRT FIRST, and after over 20 years of training full time we have earned a great reputation with hundreds of satisfied consumers, numerous repeat customers, and referral customers. We also have many great reviews by the media.

MOTOVENTURES® was created by Gary LaPlante and his hard-core motorcycle industry friends who had a desire to share their passion for riding motorcycles and their expert knowledge of how to ride. Gary has decades of experience successfully riding and racing a wide variety of motorcycles, and can teach and demonstrate most motorcycle riding techniques. Over his many years of racing motorcycles, Gary has competed successfully in trials, desert racing, motocross, enduro competition, and even road racing.

Gary’s experience also includes holding key positions in the motorcycle industry that include R&D Test Rider, Mechanic, PR Coordinator for Kawasaki Motors Corp, Product Evaluation Coordinator for American Honda, Aftermarket Program Administrator for the Motorcycle Industry Council, and Marketing Manager for White Brothers aftermarket products company.

In 2012 Gary’s book; How to Ride Off-Road Motorcycles, was published which features 176 pages and 310 color photos. It is now available in German and Korean and has received rave reviews from the press, holds a 5-star rating on its page, and has sold over 9,000 copies worldwide to date. If you want to know what we teach at MOTOVENTURES®… just pick up a copy of Gary’s book. It’s a great read prior to training and a great practice guide after our training.

Naturally, Gary’s son Andre LaPlante has also been riding and racing motorcycles his entire life, and has been training MOTOVENTURES® students from the beginning, following is dad’s foot-steps (or in this case, wheel tracks). Andre is a great communicator and an expert all around rider with the rare ability to instruct everyone from a five-year-old beginner to an experienced adult expert. Andre is certified by the U.S. Motorcycle Coaching Association.

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The MOTOVENTURES® motorcycle riding school provides three core levels of training:

With our unique combination of exciting classes and events, MOTOVENTURES® has a great option for every rider in your family, from beginners to experts, from individuals to groups, and to satisfy anyone’s time constraints, budget, or desire for a great adventure. So whatever you’re looking for, from mild to wild, MOTOVENTURES® has a riding option for you. Your ride with us may eventually have to end, but the memories will stay with you forever, and if you’re like many of our guests, you’ll be back someday for more.

DIRT FIRST is MOTOVENTURES® registered trademark.

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