Our Rider Training Center

MotoVentures Motorcycle Riding School - Image 1

Our private 350-acre Rider Training Center is used exclusively by MotoVentures customers. Our large property, located in Anza, California, is truly unique and one of the largest dedicated off-road motorcycle rider training sites in the United States. Ideally suited for teaching, MotoVentures offers all levels of motorcycle training at this location.

Beginners, novices, and intermediates learn the fundamental skills they need to ride motorcycles, while advanced riders enjoy a wide variety of challenging terrain.

Our motorcycle rider training center has features that begin with great soil that is a mixture of sand and earth, which provides a consistent and confidence inspiring feel, especially when moist. The surface is smooth with minimal rocks and rain ruts. We have a large and unobstructed flat area for beginners to safely get started and teach the basics on, and two motocross tracks where the more advanced riders can practice their jumping and cornering skills. The large flat area is excellent for teaching turning and braking and also good for advanced exercises like wheelies and slides.

MotoVentures’ motorcycle rider training center features include rolling terrain and gradually increasing challenges as you leave the large open area. From there we have developed a network of roads and single-track trails throughout the site for endless challenges and fun loop rides where you can shift through all the gears. There are many hills to climb (and descend too) and a long and challenging sand wash to hone your sand riding skills on. There are many easy single track trails (rare) for new riders to enjoy and numerous technical single track trails for the more demanding riders. Level 3 riders and trials bike riders will enjoy the challenging terrain where we utilize the large rock outcroppings and more rugged trails for practicing advanced skills. We host regional and national (AMA) trials competitions on our property so our site features many great trials riding areas with plenty of perfect natural obstacles for teaching new trials riders, and enough tough sections to satisfy the most demanding trials bike riders.

In the center of our site is our private “pit area,” which is where the day begins by dressing into all the riding gear and where we hold our rider’s meetings, take our breaks and enjoy lunch. Our pits feature a 40’ metal shipping container, a 30’ hospitality trailer, rest rooms, changing areas, parking and camping areas, comfortable seating and water, shelter, shade, heat, or cooling as needed. Our pits have easy access from Hwy 371 by car and street bikes and can easily accommodate groups and spectators. Most of the beginner riding areas can be viewed from our pits. Campers are welcome to stay there the night before their training. Cell phone service is available!