Our Training Motorcycles

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At MOTOVENTURES® we teach everyone how to ride motorcycles. From young beginners to mature experts, our approach to motorcycle training is DIRT FIRST, and ensures their success. Students can bring their own motorcycle to ride, or they can use one of our training motorcycles.

We utilize a fleet of Yamaha dirt bikes in a variety of sizes to fit our various sized customers. Dirt bikes are assigned based on a customer’s age, height, skill level, and experience. For specialized trials riding we use a fleet of late-model Gas Gas trials bikes in various sizes. All MOTOVENTURES® training motorcycles are fully prepared, maintained, and tuned to perform at their best so you can concentrate on learning how to ride your best.

MOTOVENTURES® Yamaha Dirt Bikes

We utilize a fleet of friendly recreational 4-stroke, electric start Yamaha dirt bikes to teach our curriculums including Yamaha TTR50s, TTR90s, TTR125Es, TTR125Ls, TTR230s, WR250s, WR250Rs, and WR450s.

MOTOVENTURES® Gas Gas Trials Bikes

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We utilize a fleet of current year Gas Gas trials bikes, the best performing and most popular brand of trials bikes in the world. Our current fleet of Gas Gas trials bikes includes TXT-250 Contacts, TXT280-Contacts, TXT125 School, 250-Racing, and 300-GP models.

Our Gas Gas trials bikes will now be sold after one year of use and replaced with new units. That means our trials customers will always be riding the freshest and latest models available from Gas Gas. That also means our trials bikes will only have a few rides on them, will be professionally set up and maintained, and will be a great bargain to the next owners.

How to Get a Gas Gas Trials Bike

You could purchase one of our used trials bikes, but why wait? You can go now and visit your friendly local Gas Gas dealer and tell them MOTOVENTURES® sent you. Better yet, why not take advantage of this great offer: Come out and ride trials with MOTOVENTURES® and you will go home with a coupon good for $275 redeemable at a Gas Gas dealer nationwide on the purchase of a new trials bike. Buy a new trials bike from that dealer and he will give you a coupon redeemable back at MOTOVENTURES® for a free day of training on that new bike within one year of the purchase. Now that’s a really great deal!

For more info about Gas Gas motorcycles, or to find a Gas Gas dealer near you just go to GasGas.com.

At MOTOVENTURES® we use trials bikes to teach dirt bike riders how to rider better.