Dual Sport & Adventure Bike Training

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MOTOVENTURES® offers dual sport training and adventure bike training for motorcycle riders almost every weekend and often on weekdays too, all year around. For these trainings we follow our proven Level 2 curricula which establishes all the fundamental skills you will need. Students can bring their own dirt bike, dual sport bike, or adventure bike or they can use one of MOTOVENTURES® great running, friendly, lightweight, appropriately-sized, durable dirt bikes.

The MOTOVENTURES® approach to proficiently riding big adventure bikes is DIRT FIRST. Develop your skills by training on a light-weight, friendly, confidence-inspiring dirt bike first, then you’ll ideally practice the same exercises soon afterward using your adventure bike. With this approach you will gain skills and abilities that are greater than what your adventure bike can handle. So the key to successfully riding one requires good judgment that only comes from practicing, understanding, and then riding within your big adventure bikes’ physical limits that include lean angles at low speeds, traction, ground clearance, turning radius, etc.

2024 Adventure Bike Training Days

  • January 28th
  • February 25th
  • March 24th
  • April 28th

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