Motorcycle Training in Winter – Weather Permitting

We had a blast last weekend riding in the rain here at MOTOVENTURES®, where the riding actually improves in these inclement conditions. Riders ranged from seven-year-old kids on Yamaha TTR50s, to adult beginners on Yamaha TTR230s, to teenagers and adults riding trials for the first time on our Gas Gas trials bikes. Some people who are new to riding in the dirt fear rain, while experienced riders pray for it.

The soil at MOTOVENTURES® is a combo of dirt and decomposing granite rock that actually provides better traction when wet, but not soaked. Of course, there’s also no dust and we have plenty of riding gear to keep us relatively warm and dry. Back in the “pits” we have shelter, heaters, a dryer, hot drinks, and even a fire if necessary.

At MOTOVENTURES® we want you to have the best of everything to have the best riding experience possible. The best instruction, bikes, riding gear, and location too. Of course, we can control everything, but the weather. We can however educate new riders on what to expect and what is not the optimum conditions to learn or have fun in. Our policy is to check the weather carefully three days prior to the event to make a call to either reschedule or go ahead with it. Generally speaking, when it’s looking to be too cold (50 degrees or less), too hot (100 degrees or more), too wet (70% chance of rain), or when lightning strikes, we may call you to reschedule.

Motorcycle Riding In The Rain