MOTOVENTURES is Open for Business

Like all small businesses these days, MOTOVENTURES is taking every precaution to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, but we will cautiously remain open for business almost every weekend and often on weekdays too all year around. We operate out of a location that is far from potentially contagious city crowds, we sanitize all our equipment and riding gear after every use, we practice a policy of small 6:1 student to instructor ratios, we also offer private lessons, and our instructors always keep a safe distance from their students.

As an incentive to all adults, children, and entire families to get out of town for a fun day of dirt bike riding and to help take their minds off the current health threat, MOTOVENTURES is offering the following limited time special discounts:

  • PRIVATE LESSONS on weekdays now only $595 with bike and gear included. That’s $155-off the regular price of $750! Avoid others altogether and ride solo with us!
  • GROUP LESSONS on weekends for Level 1: $235 Our bike, $170 Your bike. For Level 2: $335 Our bike, $235 Your bike. That’s a 15% discount! Note: our classes often have less than six students per instructor.
  • TRIALS LESSONS on Fridays and Sundays are now $250 Your trials bike, $350 Our trials bike. That’s a $50 discount! Trials lessons are limited to just eight riders.
  • Of course, we also offer additional discounts for groups and enlisted military personnel.

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To take advantage of these special deals you must act in the next 44 days (by May 1st), BUT YOUR LESSON CAN BE SCHEDULED LATER FOR ANY FUTURE DATE! If you book a date with us, but become ill at any time, you can reschedule without any late rescheduling fees.

If you ever what to join MOTOVENTURES for training someday or you’re looking for a thoughtful gift to give someone, call Gary today and take advantage of these limited-time discounted prices. (877) 260-6686 or

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