Event Report: 2nd MOTOVENTURES® Hosted Long Beach BMW Train N’ Camp – November 2019

MOTOVENTURES® hosted another adventure bike train n’ camp on November 16 & 17, 2019 for Long Beach BMW Motorcycles. Approximately 20 riders started from Long Beach on Saturday morning and rode as a group to a great lunch stop in Temecula before continuing on to MOTOVENTURES® via twisty back roads though wine country. The weather was unusually warm for this time of year and the winds were calm. The conditions were perfect for riding motorcycles and camping. Upon arrival, campers spotted their campsites surrounding the MOTOVENTURES® compound. Once settled-in some riders received coaching for two hours just before sundown.

Chris Johns Demonstrates Motorcycle Wheelie on GS1200Special guest instructor Chris Johns (aka CJ) was on hand to explain and demonstrate what a big adventure bike can do. CJ would know as he is the 2019 winner of the BMW Trophy and the service manager at BMW of Escondido, CA. He knows how to ride AND how to adjust and repair BMWs. CJ can explain the various performance modes on a BMW and teach you how to adjust them for different situations so you can get the most performance out of your GS.

The guys at BMW of Long Beach know how to both ride and relax. With the sun going down suddenly a bar appeared complete with a keg of beer followed by a three-man Raggae band playing some good tunes while happy participants traded bench-racing stories around a campfire roaring nearby. Dinner consisted of basic BBQ hotdogs and hamburgers and the fixins’s, which was just right for a camp out. With electricity now MOTOVENTURES® facility was lit up, also powering the band, the refrigerator, and everybody’s cell phone chargers too.

Chris Johns Tests Ground Clearance of BMW GS850 MotorcycleThe following day several riders elected to take advantage of CJ’s knowledge and expertise and signed up for a 5-hour class for adventure bike rider. Some using their GS’s and some riding a MOTOVENTURES® supplied dirt bike. By days end CJ had these riders tackling advanced obstacles with ease. MOTOVENTURES® has partnered with CJ to design and build adventure bike specific challenges around MVs ideal 350-acre property to deliver the training these riders need. These same obstacles will be the centerpiece of periodic two-day adventure bike train n camps where dual sport and adventure bike riders can test their skills in specially built “trials-like” sections.

Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more information because three dates in 2020 have now been set for two-day MOTOVENTURES® Train N’ Camps. March 7 & 8, May 30 & 31, and October 24 & 25. Don’t miss it.

2nd MOTOVENTURES Hosted BMW Train N Camp Event