For Sale: New 2017 Gas Gas 125cc School Trials Bikes

MOTOVENTURES® and Gas Gas have teamed up for a special offer you can’t pass up. MOTOVENTURES® has four new 2017 Gas Gas 125cc School trials bikes for sale immediately for only $4,550 each (a $5,000 value).

Because these are new bikes, they will include a limited FACTORY WARRANTY and a FREE DAY OF TRIALS TRAINING at MOTOVENTURES® trials riding paradise (a $275 total value).

These new trials bikes are set-up and ready to ride with zero hours on the hour meters. These modern trials bikes are perfect for a wide variety of new trials riders especially for kids and women. Everyone knows that trials riding is one of the best ways to improve your dirt bike and dual sport riding skills.

MOTOVENTURES® can teach you everything you need to know to own a trials bike including how to ride one correctly, too. These bikes are available to test ride before you purchase and they won’t be available for long. Call Gary immediately at (951) 956-0976 or send him a message on the contact page.

2017 Gas Gas School Trials Bikes