Gear Up for Motorcycle Riding – Fall 2019

Fall riding!! Sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? Are we talking about riding? or falling? If you’re not riding, you’re not falling, that’s for sure. I must ride a lot because I do fall occasionally, thankfully at low-speeds these days. High speed crashes are the painful ones. That’s where a good full set of riding gear comes in.

I don’t know how I got away with so few injuries when I was crashing back in the old days without much more riding gear on than hiking boots, open face helmet, leather gloves and crummy goggles. These days good riding gear is plentiful and you’re a fool if you don’t wear it all (knee pads anyone?). The simple formula for success is always to wear good gear, get good training, and practice frequently. The bottom line is that if you enjoy motorcycling often there is a chance you will run out of talent someday and tip over, hopefully at a low speed. Be prepared for that eventuality by “dressing for the crash” and by “using all the gear all the time”.

Gary LaPlante, aka, Mr. MOTOVENTURES®

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